Having difficulty connecting Ropiee to Wi-Fi? Does the X20 after the network name have anything to do with it?

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Good day, I’ve installed Ropiee on a Raspberry Pi 3+ with a Justboom DigiHat and I am currently having difficulty connecting Ropiee to Wi-Fi. The problem seems to be that the network has an added ‘X20’ after the actual network name. Previously that X20 was not there and it worked flawlessly. I have rebooted the device and re-flashed Ropiee a couple of times. Any ideas to fix this problem or what the X20 means?


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Hi Peter, I don’t know what would be the cause of your trouble, but I have just moved your thread to the RoPieee category on the forum. Here the chances are better someone can help you.

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This is likely an encoded space character:

\x20 \040  32

I assume that your SSID doesn’t have a space at the end of it? I’d check your router to be sure.

Also, I’d try turning off wifi, then save, and then reboot (only with ethernet). Then re-enable wifi, reboot, and join your SSID entering in new details.

If those steps do not help, you could try submitting feedback so Harry could take a look at your logs.

Something else to bear in mind is that your RPi’s IP address will change when you switch it over to Wi-Fi, even if you have a DHCP reservation, as the ethernet and Wi-Fi adapters have different MAC addresses.

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