Having Roon add a delay until DAC is ready


I do have the same issue with my McIntosh D150 using the USB interface.

I reported this almost 2 years ago to Roon and unfortunately they did not take care.

In my case, looks like my D150 takes half a second to sync when the resolution changes and this results I’m loosing the first notes of the songs. When I use JRiver and I add a “pre-silent” in the settings section, the song is reproduced correctly.

I would love that Roon adds a feature like this one to be able to overcome a delay in the handshake.

When I use my chord DAC instead of the McIntosh D150 (same cables, settings, etc.) everything sounds awesome.

I hope Roon adds this feature, as there are some DACs that need this feature.

Hi Sergio,

Have you made this suggestion as a Feature Request? If not, I can help you move this post to the Feature Request section.

Hi Rugby,

No, I have not requested any feature.

I would appreciate if you can help me to raise the feature request.


Not sure why this would be considered a feature, but so be it.

Kindly assist with having the feature requested and implemented, thank you.

Does Resync_Delay not help?

No it doesn’t help.

Hi @Joshua_Walfish,

I just read your recent support topic … I think that’s a different issue to what @Sergio is requesting for here … as his issue is only when the sample rate changes.

As you have an ongoing support topic, the best way to get updates from the Roon team on it is to post in that topic.