Having trouble with my Roon ROCK NUC, any advice

Hi there.
Sorry may be for similar or topic which you had before, but desperately need help.

Little overview:

  • Huge fan of Roon and using it since 2017. Mostly for streaming from qobuz.
  • Before have setup with only one system — KEF LS50W + NUC INTEL with ROCK.
  • Everything was pretty much OK, but when Core start to dying and i constantly needed to reboot it, sometimes even login in console.

Now i moved to other apartments and decided to do a little upgrade in terms of my setup.

  • i bought LS60W + LSXII for smaller room, idea was i could use KEF app for streaming, but it’s nightmare with qobuz
  • Decided to get back in roon and switching core. Somehow i missunderstand and get myself: DAC - matrix audio mini i-4.

When i get everything in place, was surprised: it’s still need core… i think i tottally forgot Roon basics.

So here is three questions i have:

  1. How do i setup roon core, should i somehow try to revive my ROCK+NUC or any ideas which device could help me (except nucleus)? I basically want to use ROON as my main device for connect
  2. Any advice on better setup with KEF systems right now it has an issue — when i use ethernet as source my Kef Connect app doesn’t see it (i thinking there is something bcs i use switch there and maybe it’s change my IP address, so this why KEF app doesn’t see it on network. Any ideas there?)
  3. Since i already bought it, best ways to use matrix audio with roon and my setup? right now for me it’s seem waste of money since everything should be controlled by Roon and i have active speakers.

Thanks in advance sorry for long post.

It may be as simple as dust in the fan assembly, causing the NUC to shut down. I, and others, have experienced this. So, …

Yes. What model NUC do you have?

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Thanks for fast reply!

NUC i5BEH2 — i looked. it was only 2019 i bought it (was thinking somehow about 2017)

Any advice how to clean?
Second question any advice how to connect core wit KEFs? before it was USB to OPT. Maybe right now better to use HDMI, or type-C?

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This is missing the important number, e.g. NUC8i5BEH.


This is the guide I followed for my NUC8i3BEH.

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I agree with trying to revive the Nuc/ROCK.

The KEF should be seen by Roon if they are on the same subnet. My experience is that the ethernet works best (I have first version of LS50W). WiFi on the KEF LS50W has been spotty for me so Ethernet is a must.
The KEF Stream app is finicky at best and I do not use it. I only used KEF control for initial set-up.
Have you checked to make sure the firmware is the latest?

The matrix would seem like to is so useful in your system? I did not see anything that said it was Roon Ready or Tested so may not be useable in Roon system?

Not sure what you’re running for a hard drive, but the most common failure of PCs (NUC included) is probably the hard drive or power supply. Since the power supply is exterior on the NUC it’s most likely the hard drive or overheat causing shut downs. Once you’ve cleaned out the system you might consider a new hard drive or SSD. That’ll give you a fresh ROCK install and you can upload your library backup. Should work fine.

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Thanks for advice.

  1. With KEF i have an issue — i don’t see them if connect via switch to ethernet, only directly, but it’s not possible i have a lot of devices run through ehternet.
    1.1. may be it will change after i connect Matrix to them throught RCA and MA will be connected to ethernet, but not sure.
    1.2. without roon doesn’t understand how to use matrix audio :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. Will try this on weekend!

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