Haydn is Hidin' in my library

None of Beaux Arts Trios’ version of Haydn’s Piano Trios (9CD) were linked/identified. Roon had IDed the album, so it should follow, given a data infallibility assumption, that all compositions should be IDed.

Because of this, this wonderful set is likely to get lost in a large library.
Since the compositions seemed well tagged (imported from MB), I wondered why Roon wouldn’t accept them.

Here’s why: the MB tags read something like this:

Piano Trio no. 1 in F major, Hob. XV no. 37

I changed them to read:

Keyboard Trio in F major, H. 15/37

and VOILA! Instant linkage.

Humans can tell instantly these two names are one and the same. So too should computers that engage in such recognition activities.

I suggest you add this to your list of exceptions to handle. On the other hand, how many paying subscribers still listen to Haydn anymore? Probably < 5 percent…

In the meantime, I must decide whether to hand-edit 129 tracks to realize the Roon value proposition.

I thought it was just me. I have terrible problems with Haydn to the point where I have pretty much given up trying to import into roon.

The Hoboken catalog runs to almost 2,000 pages. The problem is that there are no particular standards. I see every variation of “Hob/Hoboken”, roman & decimal, “No. / Nr.” and “.,/” delimiters. Taking the above example, you will see at least these variations (and every other conceivable variation as well).

  1. Hob. XV no. 37
  2. Hob. XV nr. 37
  3. Hob. XV:37
  4. Hob. XV/37
  5. Hob. 15/37
  6. Hob: 15/37
  7. H. 15/37

My experience though is that a variation closer to “1” or “3” above is what I have picked up in the public databases or the back of CD’s rather than variation “7” which is what roon seems to be getting from rovi. Makes for a lot of custom editing I find with Haydn to get a composition ID. It would be better if roon was more “aware” of common variations/equivalences in catalog numbering schemes. Haydn is a particularly annoying example but i see it with other famous composers as well.

Well, I have this same set as well which was originally in my iTunes library where I had done some massaging to make it more usable in iTunes which meant it absolutely did not get recognised in Roon, so I re-ripped it (in fact I’ve done this with quite a lot of my iTunes library - fortunately only about 300 albums/box sets) and am in the same situation as the original poster. I’m really enjoying using Roon (and listening to much more music as a result) and for much of my (mostly classical) library it works a treat but can be exceptionally frustrating to get some works to be properly recognised.