Haydn: Symphonies Nos. 88-92 [Simon Rattle]

Bad metadata from allmusic/Roon. It show Symphony No. 99 instead of No. 90

From Roon:

From AllMusic web site:

From the back of the CD:

@magagne Hi Matthieu. Thanks for the perfectly detailed report! This is a problem with the Rovi/TiVo metadata at source. I’ll contact Rovi next week to get it corrected.

FYI, still not fixed

Near one year now…still not resolved :cry:

Hi @magagne, please accept my sincere apologies for this; clearly we dropped the ball on this one. I have just sent a request to TiVo to get this corrected.

The change has, apparently, been made. It could take up to a week for the new metadata to be pulled into your library. Once again, apologies for how long it’s taken to sort this out.

We have more success now…but, still some problem.

Let’s go step by step:

1- In Roon, I permanently delete the problematic album (no need to explain, straight forward)

2- I clean the library to be sure nothing stay behind i.e Library Maintenance > Clean Up Library

3- I disable the Storage > library > disable, I recopied the album in my music folder manually

4- Turn on the Storage > Library > Scan… Roon Rescan and detect and identify the album.

5- It look’s like this time the Symphony 90 was found (instead of 99) from the music metadata provider Rovi/TiVo …

6- …but, when I came back to my album, surprise, it look’s like the meta data behind the symphony 90 appear with the wrong symphony again 99. Note that, I have only one of this album in my library, I double checked…how that can be possible, music provider Rovi/TiVo change description but not the metada behind it maybe!?! Did they do an half correction on their side ? Is that can be possible ? Or maybe it’s my fault but if it’s the case, that will be a cheesy case :yum:

Tkx guys for you help explanation.

Ok, I shake the tree a little bit an finally, it get back on his track. The trick was, flip to “disable multipart”, and flip again to 24 track, 7 performances, and that fix it, what a trip, but finally that fix the problem…weird thing though.