HDMI CEC Control


I just set up another Pi4 Bridge to use in my bedroom with an HDMI Receiver.

I’d like to use CEC commands to control the volume on the receiver instead of Roon’s built in volume control.

While I can probably figure out a solution on the wall mounted control panel side (should be easy to send CEC commands with home assistant so that’s less of an issue) I need it also controllable via the regular roon app or any desktop / laptop running roon.

How can I accomplish this?

This may help
Roon CEC controller extension - Tinkering - Roon Labs Community

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Sadly that only does commands sent TO roon. Not Roon sending commands to a receiver / pre-pro.

I’m sure there’s a seperate volume control I could rig up outside of roon. However it would be nice to have in a single interface.

I confirm that my extension works the wrong way for you. :upside_down_face:
(And I should upgrade it…)

The RPi is CEC enabled so that should be feasible…