Roon CEC controller extension


I just wote a tiny extension that allows you to control Roon Core (:previous_track_button:, :rewind:, :arrow_forward:, :play_or_pause_button:, :pause_button:, :stop_button:, :fast_forward:, :next_track_button: ) from your audio amplifier remote control, having your amplifier connected to a Roon Bridge via HDMI using CEC protocol.

It’s a work in progress but it already works:




That’s really cool! :+1:
I’ll deffo try it out when I find the time!

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I just added:


Thanks @Benjamin_Bellamy for creating this extension.

@Danny – could this functionality be incorporated into ROCK for receivers connected to the core directly over HDMI?


Thanks also from me @Benjamin_Bellamy. I can confirm that the Pulse-Eight USB-CEC adapter works. I’m currently using Manjaro with lib-cec. The only thing that does not work is the FAST_FORWARD button, which is not a problem for me because I’m just using the cursor keys.
For me it is more logical if the button UP responds to FAST_FORWARD and vise versa. So I changed this on my server. But that’s a matter of taste.

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