HDMI Converter to Optical/ spdif

I have a problem with output to my amplifier.
My amplifier has no HDMI inputs only Optical and Spdif inputs.

My Nuc has Hdmi Outputs.

Is there a possibility to put an HDMI converter to Optical/Spdif between my NUC and my Amplifier.
please advice

There is as long as you don’t run into any issue with HDCP (probably not an issue with Roon). You are looking for a “HDMI audio extractor”.

It is legal to extract 2ch red book 16/44 sound from HDMI. There are plenty of converters. Some will extract Mch to Ac3, avoid those, just go for the simple ones without selector switch. They do coax and toslink.

I don’t get problems with asla hdmi protocol from roon rock?

Like this one.

Maybe a usb to optical/coax converter would work better. I’ve had good results with Topping d10.

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I use one, Mac Mini Core via HDMI out to a converter box… then I take optical from it to my Marantz AV7005 receiver and can get 192kHz. While my Marantz has HDMI inputs, for some reason it wasn’t seeing the Mac Mini so I just went this route… works perfectly.

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