HDMI is breaks Chromecast feed

Running Roon rock (NUC) as endpoint connected to AV processor via HDMI.

HDMI from NUC keeps breaking my Chromecast feed (album art screen)
Any settings i missed? or what can be the problem?

Still running on my trial account.

Hi Christian Rock doesn’t support HDMI display out so I am guessing you are displaying to a different Chromecast that is plugged in on HDMI to one of your TVs or is it a built-in Chromecast like on Sony Android TV’s as those have been reported to have some problems

Sometimes Chromecast can disconnect from WiFi and reconnect and then it will not automatically reconnect.

I hope that makes sense

Yes i’m using the built in chromecast on my Sony TV.

Just tested a non ARC hdmi output to tv from AV processor and now it seems to work.

@Christian_Karlsson1, there have been issues with Roon Chromecast displays on Sony Bravia televisions. There may be some solution ideas for you in this thread: