HDMI Output From Pi

Harry @spockfish

I’ve been using a Pi 3 B+ with a HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT for several months. While I knew that the HDMI output of the Pi would be disabled after RoPieee started I connected the HDMI output to my AV Receiver anyway so that I could watch the Pi boot and as expected the screen went blank after the Pi booted up. Today I switched to the Pi input to listen to Roon through the receiver and to my surprise I got some text from the Pi displayed instead of a blank screen. This was the first time I saw the text but it could have been visible days ago, I have four Roon endpoints so I don’t use this one every day.

I can’t capture the screen but it is showing five very small lines of text on my 55 inch 4K TV at the top left corner, the first line contains Welcome and the fifth line contains Running.

Just wanted to mention this in case it’s not expected behavior. This is the Information tab from the Pi:

Let me know if you would like me to send feedback from the Pi.


Hi Tim,

This is expected behavior, because the HDMI is not disabled right directly from the start, but at the end of the boot cycle.

Thanks for spotting though!

Regards Harry


Just to be clear I’m pretty sure my Pi was booted hours ago and the HDMI output is still active since I can see the text on the screen. Before today when I selected the HDMI input with the Pi attached I’m pretty sure all I got was a blank screen with no text once the Pi finished booting up. Of course I am an old retired guy so my memory is not what it once was :smiley:

In case you need it feedback is cfe4580c795226cf


owww… this indeed sounds differently. Gonna look into this, thanks for providing the feedback!