HDMI, USB, or Ethernet from Nucleus to Oppo 203

I’m currently using HDMI from my Nucleus to Oppo 203 and it works well. Is there anything to be gained by switching to USB or Ethernet?

Just got home from visiting relatives for a week. Cranked up my Oppo 203 and Bose system and Roon started playing music immediately. I left my Nucleus on while we were gone.

I also received a Netgear 5-port switch and two 3 foot ethernet cables, so I disconnected the ethernet cable from my Nucleus and reconnected it to the switch. Connected the two 3 foot cables to my Nucleus and Oppo 203 and then to the switch. So now, I have two Oppo 203 end-points, one connected by HDMI and one connected by ethernet. I haven’t tried any AB listening and may not, but the ethernet certainly sounds very good. Now, I can see what’s playing on my LG TV screen.

I’ve got to say, this Nucleus has performed flawlessly the 3+ months I have had it.

I’m enjoying Roon on the big screen since connecting ethernet to my Oppo 203. I still have HDMI also, if needed.