HDMI Video Nucleus

There is currently video text output from my Nucleus connected by HDMI to my pre/pro. The only feature I miss from the Mac Mini I replaced with the Nucleus is the video that is sent to my iPad also on the 55” Sony while listening to my files.

Is this possible with the current hardware? Might the right new software or firmware update enable this output? Or am I wishing for something that might be possible only on Nucleus 2.0 or 3.0?

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It’s not possible with the current software. The current incarnation of Nucleus is purely as a Core and audio endpoint appliance. What you could do is add a Chromecast Ultra dongle to your Sony TV for a Roon Display endpoint?

If I connect a dongle to an HDMI input, that would mean I would have to set my pre/pro to connect to that input. Might work for USB, but not possible with HDMI audio. Can only be one HDMI per activity.

Erm, I’m probably not understanding your setup, but I’m talking about connecting the CC Ultra to the TV - I assume that your TV has several HDMI inputs available? Put the CC Ultra on a spare input…

So, by way of example, this is what I currently have:

I see what you mean. I am a Mac guy and have zero experience with the Chromecast universe. I see the new models need AC power. Might one of the earlier usb powered CC models work just as well, without 4K?

It’s pretty sad that you need to add a cheap component like a chromecast video to a very expensive hi-end product just to get a video display.

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I agree, but after a little research, I see how it can be done with a spare HDMI input and my Harmony remote, I can make it work for 35 bucks.

I agree, we shouldn’t need a 3rd party device to get cover art and lyrics when there’s a built in HDMI port that should be able to do it. If it’s. It possible now, does that mean it will be or could be possible with a future update?

You see current nucleus is a core and endpoint but documentation says to separate core from endpoint. Is that not a contradiction? If there’s no sonic penalty is outputting digital audio from the nucleus then why discourage it?

You can use it as either, Roon recommend you don’t for best sound quality reproduction. But you can use it as an endpoint if you wanted to.

The Nucleus is designed to be headless server, there is no need for it to have video out. Roon strongly recommend to use a separate device for remote and display. Don’t think your able to connect Melco or Innuos machines to have a display either, for this same reason.

It’s a recommendation - not mandatory. Audio devices can be attached to the Nucleus via three methods: USB, HDMI or over the network.