HDplex 200w questions

I purchased a HDplex 200w power supply. I will be using it to power 1) mytek brooklyn 2) aurlic aries mini 3)TPlink fiber optic converter. The HDplex has four separate outlets with 2 of the outlets being adjustable. Do I use a multimeter to set the proper input voltage on the HDplex for each device? Does the amperage\current take care of itself? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

In case you have been waiting for 244 days to get an answer, here it is!
If not, well it can be useful for other people.
To change the voltage on the 5-19.5V output you need to open the top of the enclosure and turn a screw as described [HERE] and use a multimeter to check that the intended voltage is output.(https://www.hdplex.com/pub/media/image/Product/200WLPSU/spec/200W.linear.PSU.Guide.pdf).
Regarding current draw, the unit will deliver the necessary amperage up to its maximum limit (which is indicated in the site for each of the 4 output XLR plugs):

  • 15-19V output: 10A
  • 12V output: 10A
  • 5-19.5V output: 3A
  • 5V output: 3A
    I hope it helps.

Do you have a knob on the backside because my 200w have that and that adjusts the 5-19.5V if you have a multimeter just measure the voltage when turning it. The amps you dont have to worry about that will be what each device draws to function.

My 200W HDPlex also has the screw on the back for adjusting the voltage, maybe Larry recently modified it.

I have it powering my MOCK via the HDPlex 400w HIFi on the 19V, I have the adjustable output set at 19V powering an ASUS RT AC88U router, the 12V is powering a Belkin modem (the Belikin specs say 15V but it’s working without any issues), finally the 5V USB is directly supplying power to my SSD that my music library resides on.

I am powering the modem and router as it reduces cables, power supplies and clutter.
I’m powering the SSD because I can plus all of the cables came with the HDPlex case so I didn’t need to spend any more cash.

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