"HDR Lounge & Chill" FLAC stream

“HDR Lounge & Chill” FLAC stream is dropping, impossible to have a decent listening. Any ideea to solve this?

Thank you in advance

Is that a Radio Station?

yes is a radio station, named
“HDR Lounge & Chill”, having 2 streams, FLAC and AAC. AAC is working well, the FLAC is dropping

Hello @Bogdan_Gabriel . I’ve been playing it without dropouts for 15 minutes. Are you getting them more often than that?

What about other flac stations? Has anything changed in your setup recently?

Its starting as stopping for me, also. sometimes plays sometimes does not even play. (USA here)
ACC seems to work fine.

Dear Brian,

this is the only one Flac station making problems for me.
some times is playing continously for 5,10, maybe 15 minutes, sometimes is dropping after 5,10 secs.
I was changing the transport using a Lumin Mini U1 but is the same.
The DAC is MSB “Analog DAC” with “V2 renderer” from MSB but with Lumin transport is dropping too.

thank you
Bogdan Gabriel

Thank you!
maybe thy have a broadcasting issue on the Flac stream.

I’ve just VPN’d to the US, tried the stream there and found dropouts.

I suspect somewhere on the us routing there is a problem.
Doesnt sound like a Roon issue - perhaps wait awhile.

I am in Europe, Romania, having FO internet.
Last week was the same, we will see. Thank you!

Ok, I VPN’d to Romania (I’m in the UK) - and I got dropouts. I used VLC ( not Roon).

The HDR streams do seem unreliable.

Patience is all I can offer…

Thank you!

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