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Hi, I have about 20 classical files from HDTT in different resolutions and these can’t be found in the Roon database. Which I understand as they are somewhat special. My problem is that these files don’t show up when I for example search for Mahlers 4 symphony.

How could I fix this in the metadata so Roon could include them in the composition search?

Please post more detail info about those albums.

Hi Andre,

Thanks for taking an interest in this. This release for example contains Sibelius sym no 6 and Nielsen sym no 4. As you can see in the screenshot I have several recordings of both this one is not included when I use composition. I get this release is unidentified as it is a somewhat special release. But is there a workaround?

Could you post a screenshot of the Barbirolli album page so we can look at the album tracks? For the first few tracks, could you also post screenshots of the output from View file info > File tags so we can see what metadata are there ?

Judging from the album title “Barbirolli_Sibelius Sym 6_Nielsen Sym 4_Halle”, your metadata may not be set correctly. If you have access to a tag editor (Mp3Tag, Foobar), you could review your file tags, make sure the COMPOSER tag is correctly defined. Also, you could select the tracks of the Sibelius symphony and set the COMPOSITION tag to “Symphony No. 6 in D minor, Op. 104”. Also set the MOVEMENT tag on each track of the symphony to the movement name : Allegro molto moderato, Allegretto moderato, etc.(I am assuming here that each movement is allocated its own track).

Keep me informed.

Hi Andre,

I hope this is what you meant?

I have Mp3tag but I’m not a advance user of it. I can’t find any COMPOSITION or MOVEMENT tags. Could you help me find them?

This how the file look in Mp3tag

Seems to me that Merging Technologies Album Publishing are pretty sloppy with their metadata, and since Roon is depending on the file metadata to generate its own database entries, it’s being handed poor data to work with.

In addition to the suggestions from @Andre_Gosselin, which will help Roon to identify the compositions, you could also help Roon identify the artists/performers better. For example, since the Artist metadata is not properly presented as two entries "John Barbarolli"and “Hallé Orchestra”, it’s generated a new artist called “Sir John Barbarolli - Hallé Orchestra”, a.k.a. “Sir John Barbarolli//Hallé Orchestra”

Thanks Geoff for your suggestions but I don’t have enough knowledge in metadata so if you could help with how should I change the artists metadata so I get two entries?

Here’s how I added COMPOSITION and MOVEMENT tags to the MP3Tag main display (there may be other ways…). Take note that my install of MP3Tag is using a french locale.

Start Mp3Tag, and go to Extras > Options (CTRl-O). The left pane presents you with a list of topics. In my french version, the one to select is “Panneau de tags” (Tag pannel). You should be able to figure out the equivalent in your language. A list of tags will be displayed to the right. Notice the small icon at the top right of this list, marked with a yellow star. Click on this icon to add a new tag. You will see :

Type the tag to add in the top text box, and the name to be displayed for this tag in the bottom one (you can simply use the same entry in both boxes). In my case, I entered COMPOSITION as the tag, and “Composition” as the display name. Click the OK button. Repeat the procedure to add the MOVEMENT tag (display name “Movement” in my case). After clicking OK, you should see something like :

Notice the two new entries at the bottom of the list, which are the display names of the two tags that have just been added. Click OK.

Back in the main MP3Tag window, you should see in the left pane entry fields for the 2 new tags just added :

All you need to do now is to load the Barbirolli album, select the tracks to update and type in the proper values in the “Composition” and “Movement” fields. In the case of Composition, you can select the range of tracks of a given symphony and enter the composition value once. But do not forget to Save your edits before changing your track selection, MP3Tag does not save them by default.

Simple. Select the tracks to update, and type the list of artist names in the proper entry box (in my case titled “Interprète”. Seperate each artist name with two backslashes, as shown in the image above for Kathleen Ferrier album (I personnaly use the “lastname,firstname” format to enter artist name, but this does not matter). In your case, this should be something like “John Barbirolli\Hallé Orchestra”. Again do not forget to save your edits before selecting another set of tracks.

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Thanks Andre, what an excellent tutorial. This has helped me a lot.

I have experimented with the composition and movement tags. But I still have one problem I have not yet solved. In the screenshot below I have used composition and movement tags on the Nielsen symphony and not on the Sibelius one and now the Nielsen gets recognised but when I click on Go to composition it is two entries from the Barbirolli album as you can see in the second screenshot. Do you know why this has happened and how to fix it? Then I would like the Nielsen symphony to look like the Sibelius in screenshot one. First the name and the movements underneath.

I really appreciate your help with this and please answer me when you have time This is not an urgent matter. I will spend the afternoon watching Le tour de France on Eurosport :slight_smile:

Judging from your screenshot, it seems to me that you have set the composition and movement tags on the Sibelius symphony and not on the Nielsen symphony, which is the converse of what you wrote. Also, why did you tag only one symphony and not the other one ? Could you check your tags and make sure that the composition tag is properly set on the two symphonies, and that a movement tag is defined on all tracks of each symphony. Remenber that without movement tags, a composition will not be correctly recognized by Roon.

Keep me informed.

I just purchased two CDs which are not identified by Roon (nor by EAC using their metadata):

Any chance their catalogue could be added to Roon ?