Headphone AMP, Wireless and Roon endpoint

Not sure if such a thing exists, but worth a try.

Can anyone recommend a Headphone Amp with integrated DAC, Wireless Networking and is a Roon Endpoint, that is capable of playing Hi Res files?

Many Thanks


Pretty easy to build one using a raspberry pi 3, iqaudio dac+ and dietpi software

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I would get Chord Mojo with Poly (which is out soon). I have the Mojo already. It is an amazing DAC amp combo that also happens to be portable. Add the Poly and you have something that satisfies your other requirements.

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Thank you both.

I have a Hifiberry Pi Digi. It was my first roon endpoint. For the money I think it is great value. I think I will give the dac+ a go. The Hugo Mojo/Poly looks perfect on paper. Prefer to wait until the Poly is launched and has been out a few months before investing.

Those two options I was aware of, interested if there are others out there before I go ahead.

I just ordered the Pi DAC Pro from IQAudIO and that isle has a good headphone amp it says…however I also built one with the DigiAMP+ board on the RPi

I have some other images of a unit that is done with Balanced headphone out using the same board. but you MUST use balanced headphones as the speaker outputs are no able to be common grounded.

Hers is the other unit

For a wireless headphone amp, I am using a RPi3 with Audioquest Dragonfly Red and DietPi image. Works well and sounds great

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have just ordered the IQaudio Dac and an RPi. Now to try out some cans.

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@Gordon_Garrity Gordon is pretty active here and is a great help with the IQAudIo products he supports. I’ve had very good results with the many units I have from them. Easy to put together and no brainer with dietpi or volumio too.

I actually run volumio with a roonbridge install on it for the best of both worlds.

One really nice thing about the IQAudIO dacs is the ability to have a rotary encoder to manage volume on the unit for those instances when you can’t get to a control point to make a quick change. I’m hoping this also works in conjunction with roon as I have yet to get my DAC boards from Gordon.

So, got the Pi and DAC today, up and running over wifi in just 15 mins.

Amazed the Pi is able to stream Tidal’s MQA over wifi without drop outs. Sounds pretty good to me too. Probably the best bang for your buck in Hifi.