Headphone output on Cambridge Audio Edge NQ

Does anyone own the Cambridge Audio Edge NQ streamer and pre-amp and could comment on the headphone output? How does is sound, how does it compare, and does it drive all sorts of headphones? I sold my HD 650 because they were uncomfortable before I got the NQ, and now I am reconsidering a pair of headphones. Thx

I cannot answer your question regarding the Edge NQ, however I have a pair of HD 660S which were very uncomfortable, but I replaced the pads with some Dekoni hybrid pads and they’re like a different pair of headphones - supremely comfortable now.

Thanks for your input. Too late I sold my HDs and may one day buy new headphones. Will see :wink:


I know it’s been awhile since you wrote your post but I was wondering if you settled on headphones or have any recommendations?
I wrote CA Support and they replied with - We recommend headphones with an impedance of between 8 and 600 ohms for use with the Edge NQ, so the 300 Ohms Sennheiser HD 800s you have mentioned should work fine.

  • Sean

Hey Sean, I have moved on… quite a bit. I don’t own the CA Edge anymore, but I can tell you this. There was a time I owned the Edge NQ and a Feliks Euforia headphone amp. It is a tube amp that sells for 2k. It is a great amp that I loved. At the time I had Grado headphones. When I compared the NQs hp output with the Feliks output there was a clearly audible difference. Feliks sounded more alive, shiny, powerful. However, the difference was relatively small. This was the first time I experienced diminishing returns in audio. I was glad I owned the Feliks amp, but was it worth 2k? That depends on the person. All in all the hp output of the Edge NQ is really quite good, especially with easy to drive hp. But then there is certainly a lot to improve when you buy more expensive extra hp amplifiers. Today I own some of the very best headphones and a super high end amp… :wink: Abyss 1266 TC and a Riviera AIC 10. super crazy but I love it every day.