Headphone - Roon crossfeed - Curious to hear others’ thoughts

I find headphones great when you want to play music without disturbing anyone.

After a VERY long time I found the right ones for me. Very good tonality and technicalities, very easy to drive (using Fiio M11 Plus medium gain) and very comfortable:

I have now started testing Roon Crossfeed:

Curious to hear others’ thoughts on the use of Crossfeed?


I am 100% headphones, no hi fi speakers.

It really depends on what you listen , but I never have used cross feed, I had the ability in JRiver before Roon and still didn’t

I find it sorta mushes the sounds and ruins the sound stage.

The obvious answer is pick a few albums you know well and try. For rock the L & R Are often used for effects. Listen LZ Whole lotta love with crossfeed, I doubt Jimmy Page mixed it for crossfeed :smiling_imp:

Yeah I use crossfeed on all my headphones.
I find it less fatiguing and similar to listening to a speaker system which is the whole point.

I get good imaging like I do on my speakers where the sound does not fire directly onto your ear canal.

I just listened to whole lotta love, I’m quite familiar with that song and it sounded great to me.

This is all subjective.


I also use crossfeed on all my headphones and find it to be a very subtle and helpful effect. Please remember that crossfeed has been around for many years. Headroom had a hardware version of crossfeed available on their headphone amps way back in the early 2000s. The crossfeed was controlled by a simple toggle switch so one could easily A-B test the effects and decide if one liked using crossfeed.

Roon’s version of crossfeed is a DSP function and can be adjusted to suit one’s listening tastes.

As one can see from the responses on this tread, crossfeed has many fans and many detractors. Only way to decide if crossfeed is right for you is to give it a try.

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Crossfade is trying to imitate the crosstalk introduced by a standard stereo speaker setup, and they’ve most likely done the mixing on stereo studio speakers.

That said, I’ve personally never made peace with any crossfeed implementation that I’ve tried over the decades, because when the settings start to become effective timbre is shifted too much for my liking.

My crossfeed doesn’t work with sample rate conversion. Think there is a tread about it.

Must be something specific to your setup, because it works here and also take a look at @Torben_Rick‘s screenshots above …

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I actually tried a few tracks yesterday after I read this post , I haven’t change my opinion. I find it take the edge off the detail.

Rock is understandable where L & R “special effects” were common once stereo got established in the late 60’s

Classical Orchestral I might expect to be better but it wasn’t . Each to his own.

Having spent years listening on headphones without

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While some want to do just the opposite with stereo speakers. Go figure.


For me it works just fine:


Seems to me that you’re trying to construct a dichotomy where there’s actually none such, or what’s the rationale of your posting? TLDR, maybe?
See following excerpt from your referenced link as an explanation for my reasoning:

You may think then that the sound of speakers with XTC is like the experience of listening with headphones, but that would be wrong. Listening to stereo sound with headphones is actually unnatural because it bypasses the role of the pinna, thus creating a soundstage inside the head.

I think they’re merely illustrating the degree to which this is subjective and preference driven - no matter how much factual detail can be leveraged.

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