Headphone settings for parametric and convolution equalizer

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Looks interesting, just in case anyone is still tracking this post and knows…(I’m not familiar with Roon DSP really!) :blush: does the fact the WAV files say 44.1 and 48Khz respectively mean that’s the file types they will work with - so if I stream Qobuz 24bit 96-192Khz will these convolution filters not work?

They cover all so the floating point sample rates owork with 44.1 and the Integers work with 48 as they are the base of each sample rate thus:

44.1 , 88.2, 176.4, 352.8
48, 96, 192, 354


Ah! I get it thanks :blush:

An interesting read from “oratory1990”, Jaakko Pasanen’s favorite provider of headphone analyses:


Just in case anyone here might know, I was enjoying my headphone convolutions very much, then decided to move the server (which was on the laptop) to a Rock install on the NUC and since then my laptop can’t play anything to my Mojo and headphone when those filters are in place, remove them and all is fine? I haven’t moved the WAV files or changed the filter it sits there just as before only now I get a “Unexpected error communicating with audio device”?

**Update: problem solved it was ROCK being fussy about the zip file, now zipped in an Intel friendly package and all ok! :blush:

Very interesting this. Thanks.

I just tried the convolution filter with my AKG K712 Pro and it sounds quite different, I would describe it as more correct sounding.

I also notice that I have to turn up the volume quite a bit on my headphone amplifier. I do not understand where and how to fix this. (Apply preamp of -7,5dB?) can someone please explain more in detail, how to do it in ROON?

I use the Sennheiser HD650 filters. Sound quality is definitely better than I achieved with parametric eq.

I don’t think it is something to fix, that seems to be what happens when EQ filters are applied, something to do with headroom I think?

Thanks, for your answer.

So lower volume is normal with the EQ Filter in ROON, and should not be compensated somehow?

It shouldn’t be compensated with the EQ (to prevent clipping) , but of course you can crank up your amplifier…
I’m using the filter with my Sennheiser HD 800s…very nice.

Yes that’s what I believe - coincidentally my Mojo volume setting for headphone listening now coincide with the volume I set it to usually when it is in my main system :slight_smile:

Guys please excuse my novice question here. In the case of the Audeze LC-2 should these be used with or without the Audeze presets? I guess its redundant as selected individually the results they give are very different.

Without - choose the one you like the best, but not together.

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Thanks for your response. I prefer the Roon presets for the LC-2. The level of refinement these bring to HD650 is unbelievable. Great stuff.

Hi, I’m completely new to using DSP in Roon - other than upsampling to DSD512 before I took the plunge on HQPe.
Sorry if these questions are a bit daft or obvious to some, but…

  1. Am I right in assuming I can’t use Roon DSP in conjunction with HQPe (I haven’t played about with things since defaulting to HQPe)?

  2. My server is a Sonictransporter i7 with a Linux-based OS. If I load the zip files to a location on my SDD caddy amongst my music files, will Roon let me navigate to their location for upload, or is this only possible on a Mac or Windows PC based server?

Thanks and apologies for what are probably a couple of simplistic questions. If I can’t use the wav file approach, I’ll try the parametric EQ with my HD800SDR.

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If you have a windows or mac machine, you can load Roon and not use it as a server, simply as a controller. From there you can load the .zip files. Otherwise, you’ll need to run Roon in Wine on Linux.

So, do you mean I load Roon Remote on a Windows laptop (which I have)?
Does that laptop need to be on when using the Sonictransporter (server) in order to use the files or can I upload to the Sonictransporter via the laptop?

Like I said, I’m a relative newbie!


Yes, you would load Roon for Windows (it may simply be the “Roon” download, not the remote, which is just for iOS and Android). Once the files are loaded, i believe they should be available to the server, so you won’t need the laptop to use them.

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As Paul said, you jsut need a WIndows or Mac machine once to upload the convolution file. Then it is stored in your Sonic Transporter server and is part of your Roon database.

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