Headphones thread (show us yer cans)!

My dear wife is an expert at accidentally buying things - she always “accidentally” uses my credit card to make the purchase- I love her dearly :heart_eyes:


I just got the Bluesound Hub delivered to distribute audio from the TV in the livingroom to a Bluesound Soundbar in the kitchen.
Now I can repurpose my Node 2 as a headphone amp next to a relax chair.
Sounds good with my Dan Clark Ether C flow cans.
No need for the dCS Lina stack yet. :innocent:

Different rooms, different setups.
Audeze LCD-XC with Chord Hugo2 and Meze 99 (balanced) with Ifi Hip-dac and Ifi Zen stream.


ZMF Eikon & Aeolus are my current daily drivers.
Eikon are in the living room and Aeolus are in the home office. The Aeolus on an OTL tube amp are killer.


I’m organizing a headphone meet in Pittsburgh on October 22nd. More details can be found on Head Fi:


I bought a balanced cable for the Quad ERA-1 a few weeks ago. Now I can operate the Singxer headamp with the volume knob around the 12 o’clock position. With the single ended cable I had to crank the volume almost to the maximum position in case I wanted to listen really loud.

As the amp is a Class-A amp it gets pretty warm, but never hot.

Fiio FD5 with KA1 headphone DAC/AMP, Roon in a box.


Good day, I don’t know if this is the right place to ask about a headphone amp, but here goes. I need an amp for my downstairs system. Upstairs I have a Rogue RH-5 which is delightful but I want something a little different for the other system (ARC SP-11, Bardo TT, Chord TT2, Vandersteen Treo CT). The TT2 has a built in am which is good, but for the turntable I have no late night option ie. the amp.

My question is, I have a line on a Ayon HA-3 I will not get to hear it before purchase and not much is on line about it. It will be driving either Focal Eliga, or Audeze LCD 3s. Any reviews and especially personel experiences will help immensely.

Latest addition to my set up… Denon AHD9200

Very pleased so far, they are a good alternative to my other closed backs (ZMF Eikon) with a surprisingly open sound.


If you like the chord sound why not use one of theirs? I have mojo/poly which I love.


I have been using the TT2 and the TT2 has a fine headphone amp, but I am unable to hear my TT using it.

The Ayon HA-3 did not pan out, the lone Ayon U.S. rep had crazy shipping charges. I did land on a Modwright Tryst. The Tryst is a tube amp with good power, separate power supply, very quiet, and it sounds delightful. I hardily recommend it.

Yes I understand that but couldn’t you plug any headphone amp into your phono outs on the ARC or on a ‘tape’ out?
If you like valves so much EAR and icon audio build some great headphone amps. These also have volume controls on some so you just use your pre as the phono amp and pass through?

I pulled out some stuff I wasn’t using - microRendu running Roon and Schitt Bifrost - and added Schitt Magni 3+ for this system. Headphones are Grado GS1000e.


I am using the tape out on the ARC. Last night I was in my extreme happy place. Tryst → LCD 4s Ardbeg Corryvreckan & UHQR KOB. Thanks for the suggestion.



iPad Pro M1 - Fiio BTR7 - iFi USB cable - 64Audio U12T with custom ADV. Eartune Fidelity tips

And last but not least, the amazing Lee “Scratch” Perry.


How are you liking them?
I have a pair of Stax 009 and 007 with a blue hawaii amp and was thinking about these as well, not got round to settting up an audition yet though.

For me, the 5’s are endgame with my setup with HQP, convolution/eq, R26, Oor/Hypsos.

Just got the Expanse so no comparos to share yet.

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My mistake ,I thought they were the CRBN electrostatic, look very similar looking at them on my phone.
Nice looking headphones.

It’s been a while since I added to my headphone collection and so I just could not resist this new offering from Focal. The Bathys are Focal’s entry into the world of wireless, noise cancelling portable headphones. My early impression is very positive. The Bathys can be used in three different modes:

  1. Wireless via Bluetooth
  2. Wired (analog)
  3. Wired using the internal DAC

With all three modes using noise cancellation.

It is the third mode using the internal DAC that I find the most interesting. Using my iPhone with a lightning to USB-A adapter and a USB-A to USC-C cable I am now able to listen to high resolution FLAC files directly from the iPhone without the need for an external DAC. And being Focal headphones, they sound wonderful. This brief write up does not do them justice since there is much, much more to these very impressive headphones.

Just posted this: Bathys review