Headphones thread (show us yer cans)!

(Christoph Longree) #21

… think Ill just copy and paste my post from another thread here - seems to fit okay and maybe I can get some answers (if its unwanted here, just delete :wink: ).

… so, I am mainly a “speaker” person… but I do occasionally like the thought of using headphones.

This i new ground for me so I could use any kind of support.

I`ll start with what I have (not much :wink: ):

Headphones: B&W P5s (wired)
McIntosh C52 integrated headphone section

I have never used the McIntosh headphone output and the P5s have mainly been used as “mobile headphones” straight via iPad/iPhone when in hotel or holiday etc…

I have no idea as to how good the headphones are for listening compared to others or how much to invest to seriously improve on SQ, nor do I know how good the headphone section in the C52 is (yes - I´ll test myself).

First problem that comes to my mind is, even if the C52s integrated section were decent, it s about 4 meters short of any listening position - so I would need a long cable. Also I m not sure whether to have the headphone listening spot in the stereo room (as here I would probably play via speaker most of the time anyways).

If I were to place it in the living room - I can not use the McIntosh - thus a separate amp would be needed.

So basically the first questions would be fixed or mobile setup and the which components and how to build it up…

… any experience and/or suggestions are happily taken :wink:


I use one of these - Grado 450CM Headphone Extension Lead https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00WC4B4JI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_I-OQBbWBEFVTK. It’s a bit fiddly but I couldn’t discern any loss of quality on my HD650s.

(Christoph Longree) #23

… sounds pretty good - do these also exist as 6.35mm or do you always need an adapter?


I think that one is 6.3mm? Certainly my version is.

(Christoph Longree) #25

thanx - good to know 4 starters :slight_smile:

(Martin Webster) #26

I use closed back headphones in the winter when my listening room is cosy and I must share the space. I started out with the Audio-Technica ATH M50X and now use Beyerdynamic T5p Second Gen. Hooks up with my A19’s headphone amplifier or the Mojo.

I use Van Damme XKE Pro-patch cable with Neutrik connectors for a 3-metre extension lead.

(Peter Hafkamp) #27

Questyle CMA 600i dac/headphone amp and a Meze 99 Classics headphone.

(Peter Hafkamp) #28

A Stax SR Lambda Pro Classic with a SRM-Xh amp, 25 to 30 years old and still working.
I also owned a Sony MDR-CD999 and a Beyer Dynamic DT990.

(Lassi Valve) #29

Sennheiser HD800 driven by the Naim VC-1 connected to a MacMini with all my CD:s ripped and additional downloads. I control the Roon with my iPad.

(Lior) #30

Proud Audeze LCD-3 + Chord Hugo2 user here :slight_smile:
There are better cans out there, but honestly this pairing is all I will ever need.
Blows the KEF LS50W in my living room out of the water. Not even close.

(Christoph Longree) #31

Hey guys - I’m a little torn between the Meze 99 and Audeze LCD-2… my music is a mixed bag but certainly not audiophile… a lot of Punk/indi/ska etc… but also Singer/Songwriter stuff etc… any recommendations… are the Audezeworth the extra bucks… ?

(Slavisa Dragasevic) #32

Stax SR-007A and SRM-727A amp (non-modded) in direct mode driven with old Accuphase C-280 preamp
since I brought this set my speakers mostly collecting dust :slight_smile:
also planing to buy SR-L700 just to have some Lambda

(Robert Leavitt) #33

Furman LPSU> antipodes audio DX> sarum T digital super aray USB> Chord hugo TT> Audioquest Fire xlr>GSX MK2> Double Helix Prion 4 > HD800S

(William Johnson) #35

Hey Christoph- they sound pretty different. Highly recommend you demo them if you can- super important, nothing is more intimate than headphones. Meze 99 sound ace. Audeze need the right amp etc- personally I don’t like planars at all. And the Audeze are heavy. Also bear in mind that if you spend a lot more on headphones, you might feel the need to spend more on all the other elements in your chain because the higher resolution exposes weaknesses in your system and they can be more demanding of amps and dacs- so it might not be a little bit more for the Audeze- but A LOT more. But you’re the only one who can judge, I always recommend demoing if you can- your ears are unique.

(William Johnson) #36

Respect. Mad stacks. Beautiful.

(William Johnson) #37

I’ll bet that’s a lovely combo- that Questyle is super clean, great extension. And the Meze’s are tons of fun. Actually, I really should go buy a pair of Mezes.

(Simon Mirren) #38

Fostex TH900mk2s in my makeshift home office; beautifully made, super comfy and just about give me the impact and bass I crave from moving away from speakers. Also of note is the flexibility they have compared with other over-ears I have tried, when wearing glasses. A frustrating problem, I’m sure shared by a number of listeners looking for a semi-closed / closed system, but pleased to report Fostex have really cracked this.

Fed by USBridge (decoupled, wired ROCK system) and into Meridian Prime Amp / PSU. Also have an Explorer2 feeding the Prime’s analogue inputs from my wireless PC. All come highly recommended, although if you like to crank it up, then quite bizarrely, you need to ditch the USB pass-through function on the PSU and wire direct into the HA, or you will hear very audible electrical noise in quiet passages!


Happy to say Senheiser HD700 and Sony MDR-Z1R excel in this comfort zone.

(Jan) #40

My cans:
JH Audio 13Pro w/fq (for commute and work. Used with LG G7 ThinQ)

Jays Q-JAYS with custom tips (mostly used when sleeping!)

Philips Fidelio X2 and the iFi Micro iDSD (when working from home). Connected via Allo usbridge and USB Regen)

I also have Sennheiser PXC550 and Philips Fidelio L2 (my son uses the L2s when playing PS4).

(Robert ) #41

HiFiMan HE-6SE. Received today.

Comes with box for amplifier speaker connection to 4pin balanced XLR headphone jack.