Hearing protection for live concerts

Hi guys, after many years of attending concerts without any hearing protection, I’ve now come to a point where I want to preserve what’s left. Actually, the doctor says my hearing is excellent for my age (35), so I’d like to keep it that way.

So I was wondering if you can recommend any specific ear plugs for concerts, which keep the sound as natural as possible. Any hints and tips are much appreciated!

In addition, this book has a great discussion of hearing loss and protection:


Very wise. I wish I had done that in my youth. Instead, I remember seeing Black Sabbath on 3 consecutive nights with no protection, back in the ‘70s . . many others too. Have a look at Hearing protection – Elacin as well - I find them effective and comfortable, without detracting too much from the energy of the live experience.

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I use these. You can chose your level of attenuation. They also work well for my motorbike.

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I went to an audiologist and had custom earplugs made for me and my son. We’re both drummers.

I agree on the UltimateEars concert or Musicians plugs. They do good work there. I also have two sets of their UE7 pro CIEMs that are very good.

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Yes I have the in ears from them for music. Can’t fault them.

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I have 2 pairs, one from Etymotic and one from Westone. The Westone is better but I hear myself talk in my head. The Etymotic don’t attenuate as well but are more natural. These things are relatively inexpensive. Get a couple pairs and test until you find best balance of enjoyment / attenuation.

This also reminds me I need to buy a couple more and leave them in the car. I will randomly end-up somewhere with a band, didn’t know there was a band, and really wish I had left a pair in the car.

Thanks for all your replies so far! The Ultimate Ears solutions look great, I’ll probably get one of them.

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You won’t go wrong. Keep the ear molds for when you want some in ears. I like the fact they a slightly squidgy so are very comfortable.

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