Hears To You...Hearing Loss In the Young

As many as 1.35 billion young people worldwide are at risk of [hearing loss]. The study found that as many as 1 in 4 people ages 12 to 34 are exposed to dangerous noise levels via “personal listening devices,” such as high volume settings on smartphones, and nearly half of people those ages experience damaging noise levels at entertainment venues.

“To our knowledge, this review is the first published article to estimate the prevalence of exposure to unsafe listening practices in adolescents and young adults and its global burden,” the authors wrote. “These estimates are needed to communicate the urgency of [prioritizing] hearing loss prevention to governments, industries and other stakeholders responsible for implementing policy.”

Unsafe listening was defined in the study as exposure to greater than 80 decibels for at least 40 hours a week. (For context, city traffic is about 80 decibels, according to a [list of sounds]

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And, even worse, is going to be all the tinnitus cases. It’s horrible.

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In the UK, The Health & Safety Executive (workplace related) states

My hearing issue is work related due to a freak occurrence. No one to blame as such. Gotten worse, the tinnitus since having COVID. Not sure if it’s related, just feels like it is.

It may be “long COVID”

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