Hegel 120 Not recognised as Roon OS using Apple iPad


My Hegel 120 amp is not getting recognised as Roon OS, even after firmware update done.
Had installed the Roon remote app in iPad 8th gen.
Tried the configuration of OS several times from iPad. It’s not.
How to configure both?


Please give full details of your system. What is your Core device and how is everything connected? Hegel 120 is an endpoint only, not a ‘Roon OS’. You need a computer running Roon Core software in your system.

Hi @KrishM,

Anthony is correct, a Roon Core is required, the H120 and an iPad combination will not work without a Roon Core. I’m may have misinterpreted your post, if so forgive me, but I suspect you’ve not set one up yet.

Check out Roon Help Centre for more information on Roon.
I’ve linked this page below as it’s a good starting point to aid you understanding.

Hope this helps … of course if you have specific questions, ask away and the forum will do it’s best to answer.

Hi Anthony / Carl

Thank You for your response. I got your points and will set up my NAS as Roon core and configure both.