Hegel H390 AirPlay 2 update?

Any chance that we will get surprised by an AirPlay to AirPlay 2 upgrade for the H390 soon?

Once Apple have released Airplay 3, we might get Airplay 2

Airplay 2 for H390 is in the works, however, difficult to estimate a release date as this depends on outside factors and the Apple certification. My best guess would be first half of 2023.

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I sold my H95. Airplay is what my family and I use on a day to day basis. Airplay 2 for us is essential and the seeming endless wait for the feature (that was supposed to be available end of 2021 which I took into consideration when I purchased - thinking it would not be too far away) became too frustrating. Just did a google out of curiosity and now it’s 2023!

This is unfortunate and we are really sorry, the last couple of years haven’t gone as planned for several reasons. The classic Airplay was the only available backup solution for the much delayed Roon feature, so Airplay 2 got stuck in the queue behind Roon.

Airplay 2 update is available on the H390!

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