Hegel H390, now roon ready - limitations in bit rate?

I’ve been, as many others, patiently waiting for the Roon ready update of H390/590. Now it¨s here and it seems to work out fine. However I’m curious to know whether the bit/sample rate max has been limited.
Previously, and I can still choose this set up. My H390 is connected to Innous, Zen mk3 via USB and RJ45. Innous is working as roon core. When I use USB the device settings allow you to select DSD playback strategy and in advanced settings you can choose up to 768 khz/32 bit.

Now, with roon ready I cannot choose playback strategy and bitrate is limited up to 24 bit and 192 khz. Any good explanations?

Regards Christian

That’s it’s specification

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I have many albums dsd128 and 256.

Some of them are visible and they play as dsd64 (I understand that is because of network resolution - up to dsd64).

My problem is that many albums (dsd256) are not even visible.
Does anyone have any idea?