Hegel H390 streaming possibility with HQplayer?

Has anyone tried the following streaming setup with Hegel H390 and HQplayer?
Signal path will be: Rock NUC server to HQplayer via network running on i9 intel PC to H390 via USB.
Rock (NUC) - HQplayer (PC) - H390 (usb)
I want to make sure this is possible, ive tried other not succesfull possibilities with Hugo2go and consumed my tryal 30 minutes with HQplayer. Thanks in advance…

Hi Rob,

Yes that is possible 100%. You just need to add HQPlayer PC’s IP address in Roon settings (Setup->Add HQPlayer).

I have the HQPlayer installed and streaming works fine from harddisk PC to Hegel H390 at 381kHz which sounds impressive good;
The only thing is that Roon streaming is not working… somehow Rock refuses to connect to HQP running on separate PC… both Rock and PC are connected trough Chord Englisch switch via cat8 cable.
Do i need to install on my PC an NAA? So Rock sees an Endpoint? I’m a bit confused about that.
Thanks for helping…Rob

Current settings in HQP

Item can be closed. HQPlayer on Intel Pc works with Rock! Was blocked by firewall! Thanks.