Hegel HD10, Rpi4 Usb or Allo DigiOne?

I’m completely new to Roon, and I already love it.

As of now I have fed my Hegel HD10 via coax from an Airport Express. I want an RAAT endpoint, but which should I get?

  1. Ordinary RPi4 for USB connection to DAC
  2. Allo DigiOne for coax connection to DAC
  3. Allo USBridge for USB

The reason for asking is that the Hegel HD10 seems to support higher bitrates via coax than usb. This seems strange, so I’m not sure it’s true.

Anyone using HD10 with a Roon endpoint? Any recommendations?

I would start with the Pi4 via USB into the Hegel. This should provide a nice upgrade over the Airport Express.
This will be inexpensive, easy to do (just install Ropieee :slight_smile:) and won’t suffer from the USB issues of earlier Pi’s.
You can always try a DigiOne in the future, adding this to the Pi4.

USB input of the HD10 seems to be limited to 48kHz.
Coax can work up to 192kHz, using short 75Ohm cable.

Thanks, that resonates well with my initial plan. I’ll try that first.

This is so exciting. I have a large FLAC library from the Squeezebox era (pre Logitech). It’ll be nice to browse it in tandem with Tidal and seemingly really nice endpoints (ropieee).

I actually already ordered an Allo Boss for my Genelec speakers by the computer. I’m looking forward to decouple the Genelecs from the Macbook to be able to play on them even if the Macbook isn’t started.

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For a 2010 DAC, it’s not that strange. Definitely use coax.

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Thanks @anon90297517 and @wklie

Fortunately I will need more endpoints. I’ll order an Allo DigiOne as well. Will do some A/B testing and maybe learn something. The best of DigiOne and plain pi4 will go into my main room with the Hegel.


Have fun. And maybe consider a better power supply than the standard RPi one as and when …Allo and iFi both do one around £50. Same with the Boss - my son uses a Boss and once he tried the iFi with it there was no going back. And he’s an absolute newbie to the hi-fi game.


I look forward to hearing your opinion on USB v’s Digione

As a fellow long time Squeezebox user (since 2003) welcome to Roon!
Like you I was blown away by Roon during a trial run and had to make the move.
I’m using USB, but since the Hegel limits that input you might want to go with coax.

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