Hegel: Integrateds vs Separates

For the Hegel-ites out there…

Pretend for a moment that the H390/H590 are Roon Ready. :slight_smile:

Is the amplification and sound quality that much better in their separates to outweigh the cost-savings and one-box convenience/aesthetics of their integrateds?

I know there’s a jump between the 20 and 30 series pre and amp, just as there’s a jump from the H390 to the H590… But if you had the wherewithall, would you go with separates and a separate streamer/DAC? Or does the newer tech in the integrateds get pretty close to their separates?

Yeah, I know it’s a personal choice/decision, but curious to hear opinions on it.

Maybe @Anders_Ertzeid could weigh in on it, too! :+1:

Obviously I am rather biased. But since you are actually quoting me I will give my personal response. I feel that it is a little “apples and pears” to be honest. The technology in the separates are admittedly older and there are enhancements (like SoundEngine 2 and others) that you will find in the integrateds and that are not in the separates.

On the flip side there is the issue of noise and a higher budget for components in the separates. Separates also give you the flexibility to mix and match.

That aside, I personally favour an H590 over the P20+H20. If you compare the H590 to a mix of P30+H20 then it becomes more complex. The H590 may appear smoother, while the P30+H30 carries more punch, speed and body/texture. Finally, adding an H30 is a different animal completely.

Those are my personal experiences. But I am the VP og sales at Hegel so do take it with the appropriate pinch of salt if you like.

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Thanks for the insight @Anders_Ertzeid!

Thanks, Anders.

Leaning towards the integrateds, as I am not inclined to have a rack full of gear. I love the clean aesthetic of just having one box.

But that H30. Man, that thing is impressive.

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