Hegel USB DAC - TE7022

My Hegel Röst integrated amp has a USB DAC. It shows up as a TE7022 USB device in MacOS. The USB DAC is also supported in Ubuntu v15. With that said… If I installed ROCK onto a supported Intel NUK platform will the USB DAC auto detect?

That’s one of the potentially problematic USB audio chips for Linux.

The only other Linux TE7022 thread with an actual result in this forum (that I can find) was not positive.

[This post is edited because of the success report below.]

I have a Hegel HD2 DAC. Same chip. I also have a ROCK install on a custom built older Atom based computer. Tested the DAC on the ROCK now. Worked perfect, full autodetect. I just hooked it up with USB and started the ROCK, 1 min later it was playing music. So yeah, this DAC works

Most will support 24/192 but might not support dsd rates to the maximum of the dacs capabilities. Some require windows drivers to extract the best rates.

Awesome! I’ll order a NUC today

My USB DAC limit is 24 / 96 and DSD isn’t supported. So… It makes a lot of this easier for Roon Core handles all of that for me… My Intel NUC will be delivered this upcoming Tuesday… Sweet!