Hell freezes over, or how Folder Browsing came to Roon!

Life’s too short to worry about things like this…


I am with you on folder browsing. Each to their own.

Woof woof


Is @danny still part of the team, or did he leave in disgust? And @jamie, as you say: only four months in and already some seismic changes. Great work guys, thanks very much.


I too have no use for folder browsing, but am very happy for those who want/need it. However it should be noted that my folders are in immaculate condition. My autistic traits can be viewed by an examination of said folders.

Every single folder is organised and labelled in exactly the same way. :laughing:


Another Team Member from Autistic Side of the Life

Managed by numbers (double digit, 10 was too short for me)

Each artist folder with year of the record and then name of.

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@Jamie I have been giving Roon a lot of thought lately and despite my recent innings being very good, it isn’t all plain sailing. Folders gives rise to my slight annoyance that a half baked option has been supplied.

Sorry, but Roon, you need, you must give means to turn off folders for us who don’t want this as a feature…I think that’ll be a lengthy list.

Gone is the (mistake) ‘Edit’ button on the mobile Roon Remotes, but now we have ‘Go to folder’ to accidentally click/tap by mistake instead of just ‘Share’.

You gave an option to hide playlists, please give us the feature to disable folders.

Giving features for users to ‘opt in’ or ‘opt out’ is great, but just giving us a feature to all (probably a minority wanted folders) is not on.

Roon, whilst still good, is a little to far off from what I started using 4 years ago.

It goes, or I go :tired_face:

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Or, give the option to build third-party remotes by finally fleshing out (and documenting) the server API. Let a thousand flowers bloom!



Customers should be given choice, options.

Not a feature forced upon all.

Those who wanted folders have got It.

Those who didn’t have got It.

It wasn’t a feature when I started using Roon. I started using Roon for, but not limited to, not being based around folders.

I could go back to 1.8 whilst available, but lose Arc (which has been great for the past 2/3 weeks).

I won’t sacrifice music on the go, but I won’t continue using a product that has updated features by default without option to disable.

Would like Roon and fellow users to understand some people’s responses will be negative and that having options to turn on/off features is a must have with products like Roon. Rise above the rest with great features, but don’t dictate to users.



I had a ‘Folders and File’ view in Asset UPnP server, which I still have scan my Music library on the NAS. I never used that feature, so not sure I will use this.
I just make sure that the metadata on anything newly imported is correct and use, as much as possible, an Artist/Album hierarchy within the watched/scanned folders.

Anyway, a good release that comes back to the Roon user building and maintaining local library of music over just relying on streaming services.

Now what else would be good to see

  1. Any of these

  2. UPnP support :smiley:

I’d say fixes for bugs that are persistent and yet to be fixed. Some are having a bad time with the Remote issue still.

Fix first = happy customers
Better features second = better product and happy customers

Adding features before fixes = a good number of unhappy customers

As customers we can ask for features and changes to the products we use.

If a business/service provider values their customers then fixing issues is No1 priority. We have seen this in writing and slowly seeing fixes role out.

The remote fix is…I need to check the release notes…not released yet.

I’ve read your posts, so can see why you’re disgruntled, but I can’t think of any other software where new options include the option to disable them (Photoshop, Microsoft Office programmes, browsers, etc).

I’m struggling to see why Roon is different to all the rest of the software I use. It has features: I can either use them or not.


The examples you give are irrelevant here.

Music apps like Plex, Symfonium, LMS, JellyFin, BubbleUPnP and more, are quite highly customisable.

LMS stands out as being the most customisable in that list.

But this is also apples and oranges. Love Roon, just want options to turn off new features


I feel that @AMT probably doesn’t care about the feature being enabled but the ability to customize the UI to show or hide options. And Photoshop, Office, and browsers all have the ability to add and remove buttons from the UI (many browsers extremely so via extensions). Roon itself lets us show or hide the new Playlists button in the side bar. [Edit: Well, the actual playlists, not the button]

It’s not a huge issue to me, but I’d be slightly happier if I could turn off the buttons (and have folders accessible only by a more hidden way)


Fair enough. I seem to remember voting for the ability to rearrange the various elements and content on Roon’s home page at some point, which I still think would be a good idea, so point taken.


Thanks @DaveN :+1:

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Can you do a voice / audio version of this post @Jamie? I’ll happily stick it a folder Jamie’s fairytales! Happy ending and all.

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Is it possible to backup the library from the folders, if not could that be added please

Sorry guys, you’ll hate me for this.

As someone who has mild autism, changes for me can be difficult to adapt to at times. I’m not going bat sh1t crazy right now, but a little anxious.

Roon gives me a solution for my musical needs. It’s UI is perfect for me and my needs.

Changes can lead to anxiety issues.

My oldest daughter has mild autism too, and I see first hand how change affects her and it’s not nice for her. I know how I react, and I try to cope and hide these reactions.

Anyways, would like options to hide/disable features


Plus it would be great if the current letter to be displayed
when scrolling the folders list, as it when scrolling through albums and artists :innocent:

P.S. I didn’t need the Folders option but i like it :star_struck:


It’s quite funny this is available because it’s oh-so-retro like Slimserver!
Maybe there’s hope for adding my own reviews and bios!