Helm Bolt Dac low volume on RopieeeXL

I am using RopieeeXL with a Helm Bolt USB DAC on Raspberry PI 4 and finding that the volume output is very low when compared to other endpoints like iPhone. There doesn’t seem to be anyway of adjusting the volume for the device. Has anyone else encountered this and have a fix?

How are your volume settings in Roon?

I set it to 100%, but volume level doesn’t change when I increase or decrease it.

But what volume setting did you choose? Device volume? Digital volume?
And are you sure it is capable of volume control?

I tried all the different volumes but nothing.

I had the same expereance. You can lower the Volume by settings set on DSP control thats all. The Helm seems mainly be designed to work with a phone and Tidal. And for me there it sounds better than the Dragonfly red. But it doesn’t work perfekt with Roon. The Dragonfly does…