HELP: Converting a Wadia M330 Music Server to a Roon-only Server

I’m Egay and an ‘on-off’ Roon-user.
I’ve had this Wadia M330 Music Server for 3 years and am now looking at converting this into a Roon-only music server… apologies if I am unfamiliar with terms or names: I just want to have a stand-alone Roon machine.

I’ve done some readings and by those I seem to think that since the M330 is ‘just another PC’, perhaps I can reinstall everything from scratch and install the Roon OS - or am I being too simplistic? I supposed I am - so please, would anyone be so kind as to assist or guide me?

As you may see from the M330’s specs (not so much is mentioned, though), it has only 1TB HDD and a noisy fan; OS is Linux-based (I think); MB=ASROCK ITX… this is all I know.

I don’t even know how to open this box/case.

If I can know how to ‘enter’ the OS via Terminal and manipulate it like an ordinary PC, then I will reformat and reinstall… but I have zero knowledge of Linux commands; plus, I don’t know how to do that online or via IP address.

Bottomline: I don’t know how to begin.

I hope you could help me.

Before you wipe out the OS on your Wadia, you should ask the manufacturer whether you can install a new OS.

I’m thinking that there are proprietary drivers, for the hardware, that wouldn’t be included in the new OS you install.

Hi Slim,
I tried: they promised to send me instructions but it’s taking too long and my machine is just a useless piece of expensive weight… I am really disappointed.

anyway, I still can’t do anything because I have no idea how to even enter the OS.
2 years ago, I had a problem and the Tech of Autonomic-Controls solved it (somehow) via online and I saw that he entered into the ROOT and manipulated the OS, etc… I don’t know what that’s called…

my choice is reinstall the original OS or
convert to a Roon Server using Roon OS
and I am leaning towards the 2nd option IF I can, through the help of the community.

I just read an HDPLEX project by one of the ‘members’ here and it is very encouraging… made it look like it is easy.

thanks for your comments.


Find out what the motherboard is. That is where I would start.

Thanks Henry,

‘Network Radar’ identified it as ASROCK ITX-form…
I would soon try to see if those screws underneath the case will open the case (the Wadias now have these glass tops, which I can’t figure-out how they attached to the aluminium case; unlike the old Wadias before that are aluminium tanks), and then I’ll know exactly what the MB is.

I am excited and at the same time afraid that I might ruin the whole thing without proper guidance from experienced people like you & the others in this community.

I will document every step once I start with this.

what I wish to know FIRST is how to enter the OS and the Root.
I will try connecting this to a display via HDMI & connect a mouse and KB on the available USB ports and see what happens (i.e. will it function like a PC?)…

I’m still preparing myself mentally first.

thanks for the push.


Establishing the motherboard type helps with knowing what to press to enter the bios and access the boot priority. Remember that you don’t need to trash the Wadia software. You can pull the drive it is on out and put it aside or you can install another small drive and change the boot priority. But my guess is this will be a low powered ITX board underspecced for Roon. But you should be able to plug a keyboard, mouse and monitor on it and see where that takes you.

hmm, quite encouraging!
I’ll try that tomorrow; its now 11PM here & pass my bedtime :wink:

TIA, Henry!


If you have a Windows device then use the software ‘PuTTY’ to enter SSH commands.
If you have either macOS or IOS devices then you can enter SSH command directly from the Terminal app.

You’ll need to know the network address of the Wadia and its ID/password. Root is probably the ID.

The simplest way is @Henry_McLeod’s way. Get another drive, substitute it for the drive in the Wadia, and then install the OS you want.

My question - what do you think you will gain by doing all this and what’s wrong with the Wadia? Unless it’s broken, I don’t see the logic in ruining a $6000 device when a $500 NUC would probably suit your purposes.

Hi Slim,
That was what I was debating with myself about: its a costly machine that did not meet my usual expectation of a ‘Wadia’…

Henry’s suggestion does look easy (I just don’t know if I can do it ;-| unless I open the unit first and see what surprises me.

1TB HDD was the first one that disappointed me, but since I already have a bunch of Wadias, heck, why not? Then the noisy fan; then the USB+eSata ports did not work even for a second!.. if I were in the US, this would have returned to Wadia/McIntosh for replacement; worse: the dealer here went bankrupt.

so I thought, perhaps replacing the innards with a more powerful system + internal PSU + whisper-quiet + all the HDDs/SSDs I can install might do me justice.

and then, there’s Henry’s and your suggestions:
and then, I just realized I have another Wadia (CDP, model 6i) that was cannibalised by the local tech: perhaps I can use it as an alternative like the ‘NUC’ was it?

please keep the suggestions coming.
I really want to do something with these paper weights.

I will follow the OS route, too, and see where it takes me.

TIA & warm greetings from Manila!

… and, I don’t even understand how to ‘use’ the ‘PuTTY’, ‘SSH’ thingy :blush:… I’d be happy to be treated like a student learning from his teachers on these stuffs :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@edgar_dapiton1 perhaps if we knew what city you are in there might be some kind soul here that could guide you?

Hi Wizardofoz - you might just be who the doctor recommended ;-)… seriously. But I am from the Philippines.

Again, any help would be appreciated.
(I am baffled why Wadia/McIntosh is taking soooo long to help; maybe because my warranty is already ended?).

My old Wadia took 10 years before the lens gave but was repaired in Singapore; now it is unrepairable because a local tech stole the innards & disappeared.

Now I have 2 plans: make the M330 work like new and use the Wadia 6i’s shell for a Roon Server. Would these make sense?

Can you help?
I’m willing to pay as long as I can afford it.

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this - I really appreciate those.

I have decided to start with the “Offially-supported NUC Hardware” and use an existing case that I have.
I will still need your help in installing and making the thing work, which means that I will be using this thread to document my journey.

I am ‘off’ for the moment as my day-job is getting more exciting and demanding.

I still have some audio hardware that I can use to keep listening to my music, but I am really looking forward to having that specific Roon Server soon.

Mabuhay from Manila!


so abandoned the Wadia exorcism then…NUC is easy…stick with the standard hardware at the first round. worry about cases etc later.