Help: Dual PSU for RPI3+Kali+Piano2.1+Volt

Hi there!

I want to build an amplifier with a Raspberry Pi so I was thinking in buy the Allo Kali + Allo Piano 2.1 + Allo Volt but I’m doubting with the PSU. I would like to put everything in the same enclosure so I was thinking on the Allo Dual LLC PSU, but in my opinion, it will make the amplifier bigger than I had planned, so I was thinking on replace it with a Mean Well PSU + the Allo Capacitance Multiplier.

I don’t have knowledge about power so that’s why I’m here asking for help. Do you think the Mean Well G3 Series is good for my project? If so… Which PSU will be better between the RD-65, RID-65, RD-85 and RID-85? Do you recommend another PSU instead?

I’m going to use this amplifier with a pair of Pioneer HPM-50 3-way and 2x40W - 8Ω on a living room/kitchen of 20 square meters.

Thanks in advance,


I did have this setup and its quite a stack…but now I just use without the Volt and CM board.

I was going to use with a DIY built 3A 5V and 3A 19V supply - maybe one day will reconstruct it. HDPLEX 200W Linear supply might be a good option tho a little on the pricey side perhaps depending on your budget.

Hi @wizardofoz,

My first option was to build a DIY PSU but this job it’s part of my Final Degree Project and I’m a little late for that. And regarding the HDPLEX, thanks for the suggestion but it’s very pricey for my budget.