Help for using Rock

I am a user of Roon products, I have the following questions when I am using Roon, and please provide me some solutions or suggestions
I assembled a Fanless mini pc by myself,and the hardware configuration is as follows: Asus H410T2/esm motherboard,i3 10010T intel CPu, samsung 3g*2 memory, anid samnsing evo970 plus ssd.Roon Rockis strictly installed acording to the oficial guide step by step. lt is curently the latest version of 1.8. But the question is,

  1. Rock can be nomally discovered by the device, but there seems to be a problem with my network adapter driver. My home is a 1G optical iber network,and the router is asus’s axsbu use
    cat7 cable, H410T2/cSM’s onboard network adapter is a 1000m network adapter, but the router can only recognize the connection of the roon troek host which is too.m only
    2.After Roon rock is just instaled, it prompts Mising odecs, Follow the instructions on the oficial websit,I download the decoded fite and solve the problem, but i the rock resnuts sahet
    shutting down, “missing Codecs” appear again, this happens 4 times already
    For above issues, please provide a solution otherwise I get a bad experience when using roon Rock.
    Thank you and best regards

Hello, and welcome to the community!

I’ve moved your post over to the Tinkering category of the forum. You are trying to get ROCK working on hardware that is not supported by Roon Labs, and so your system is known as a MOCK system.

Here in the Tinkering category there may be community members who are able to help you get ROCK working on your Asus build.

Thank you very much

hi , I found a new detail. When I reset Database & setting, the ffmpeg file will also be cleared in the codecs folder under the data directory. Is this normal?

I seem to recall this is normal

Disturbing!Keep asking for help. Thanks

Thank you.