Help me get my system ready for Roon. I don't know how to put my Naim Uniti Core to use

I got a lot of really good help from good people on this forum in September sorting through my naive concepts about moving to Roon. I’m a trifle more advanced now and have made some key decisions, but am struggling with what to do with my valued Naim Uniti Core which introduced me to the very complicated digital world and streaming. It’s a pricey little fellow and I probably should just sell it, but I’d like to keep it around for reasons I’ll mention in a minute, at least for awhile.

Contrary to the earlier advice I received here, I decided to put my music library on a Sonic Transporter instead of going the cheaper route to put it on my Core i7 Windows Computer, mainly because I don’t want to have to leave my computer on all the time. The Sonic Transporter is a fanless Linux Computer with Roon Core installed. The fanless feature is an advantage for wannabe audiophiles like myself. Using the Sonic Transporter also eliminates the struggle to try to get Roon to use the music library on the Naim Uniti Core, which is reportedly really difficult if not impossible to do, and I just don’t have the sitting capacity for techie struggles like that.

But how best to keep the Naim Uniti Core? I’m not really rich enough to keep it, but darn it, I like the ripper, and I like the Naim iOS app and it’s editor. I also prefer editing via tablet which I can do before I pass it to Roon. Roon requires using a Windows or Mac editor which would force me to sit at a desktop computer (bad back issues). So I’d still continue to use the Naim as my primary music library and put its backup on the Sonic Transporter feeding Roon.

That leaves this dilemma:

Can I leave the Naim Uniti Core on my network just as I have it installed now?

Or can I leave it there for convenience but disconnect it from my DAC?

Or should I find another place for it?

Here’s the way my living room is presently connected for streaming:

Ethernet > Naim Uniti Core > Audio Alchemy DDP-1 DAC (+ LPS and Audio Alchemy DMP-1 (Roon ready Network Streamer))

to Audiomat Tube Amp > Quad ESL-63 Speakers

I want to leave the above as is and introduce this (I have just enough physical space to squeeze them in):

  Ethernet > Sonic Transporter (+ LPS) 

Note that leaving the Naim Uniti Core in place and still functional as a server would mean I could optionally continue to use Naim’s iOS app in the living room, which I’d like to do - at least for awhile as I evaluate Roon.

If that’s not doable or not a good idea, I could just disconnect the Naim from the DAC but leave it connected to the network. The living room is the most convenient location for new rips.

Last choice would be to move it near the router and the desktop computer. (It may be last choice, but it’s not actually a bad choice.)

At this point, I need something explained I don’t understand: How does the Audio Alchemy DMP-1 streamer know it’s just been sent a music stream from the Sonic Transporter when there is no cable between them??

Hi Janet,

Can you upload a screenshot of Settings/Audio so we can check what Outputs the Core has detected ?

Is your Roon Ready DAC connected to your network, or just to the Naim ?

The Uniti is a very expensive choice for a ripper and for occasional use but it’s up to you. Personally I’d sell it and buy a cheap laptop or desktop to do the ripping and editing on. It took me ages to sell my Naim streamer that wasn’t roon enabled even though i was effectively only using it as a DAC.
roon knows where to send the audio because it knows the network address of the alchemy it sends it to the address the alchemy is “listening” to the network on.

I will eventually want to sell it. But it’s too soon for me. I tend to cling to the familiar for awhile. Also Naim is noted for its good sound/audio. Maybe I’ll prefer to use it in my best audio system in my living room.

roon knows where to send the audio because it knows the network address of the alchemy it sends it to the address the alchemy is “listening” to the network on.

Thanks for answering this question. That means I’ll have to add an Ethernet cable to the DMP-1. It’s new, too and I haven’t tried using it yet.

Settings/Audio of the Uniti Core?

The Roon Ready device is a streamer, the Audio Alchemy DMP-1. It’s connected to the DAC and it shares the linear power supply with it. But it seems I will need to add an Ethernet cable there.

I’m actually awaiting delivery on an Ethernet switch and cable.

Didn’t know I could do photos. They say pictures are worth a thousand words. Should’ve started with these photos instead of spending time on all those word above…

First photo should be my living room audio system, tube amp in center, Audio Alchemy DAC et al underneath and Naim Uniti Core and new Sonic Transporter and LPS in lower right.
The other two photos will show closeups of the trio of Audio Alchemy gear, a DAC, a Streamer (and Roon endpoint) and a LPS. The last photo should show the Sonic Transporter and it’s LPS sitting next to the Naim Uniti Core.

There are Ethernet cables to the Naim Uniti Core and to the Sonic Transporter. Not yet to the Audio Alchemy DMP-1. Presumably, to get all this to play together, all I need is another Ethernet cable to the Audio Alchemy DMP-1 Network Streamer?

So when I select music on the Roon app, the Sonic Transporter will understand it has to send that music stream to the Audio Alchemy DMP-1? Even though there’s no cable connecting them?

And if I want to use the Naim iOS app instead, the Naim Uniti Core to Audio Alchemy DDP-1 DAC will still work as usual?

If that’s the case, I’m all set. Just need to wait for the extra Ethernet switch and cables to arrive and I’ll be ready to test drive Roon.