Help needed with RPI2

Hi all, don’t know if you have spotted my question/problem in the support thread, thread but I can’t get my PI to work with roon bridge. As soon as it starts, part of my network goes down. When connected wireless, all wireless traffic is gone. When connected with a cable, that part goes down but with the other part (wireless or wired) of my network functioning.

This all could be my router but the same pi and setup runs PiCorePlayer (squeezelite) as a Roon endpoint flawlessly.

Does one of you have any thoughts on this?



RoonBridge does some broadcasting, but not it the way that it floods a well behaving router. Troubleshooting is easiest by eliminating possible causes. I would try, in order of time spent:

  1. Reflash sd card and reinstall RoonBridge. Of this doesn’t help (probably won’t)

  2. Take you RasPi to a friends house and try it out in his environment. If it works there:

  3. Make sure only Roonserver and your Pi are connected to your router. Disconnect all other cables, switches and devices. If it works, re-attach one by one.

Hope it helps. Please post your findings. Look at it this way: succesfull troubleshooting can be very rewarding.

My guess is that there’s a rogue switch or hub in your network, and the third step will identify this. Just a hunch, benause there’s too little info.


Found the culprit.
Spanning Tree Protocol was enabled in my router. This shutdown the port of the RPI.

Disabled it and everything worked like a charm!!