Help needed with set up on Windows PC

I have Roon 1.7Build 610 installed on a Windows 10 PC that contains all my music files. My PC is left switched on most of the time.

After years of using other music software when I finish listening to music I have a habit of closing the software.

When I close the Roon window on my desktop and switch off my projector, if at some point I want to connect to Roon in another room to stream music I can’t because I’ve closed the programme down.

Is there a setting I’ve missed that leaves Roon running in the background on my PC Or have I got it set up wrong?

Any help appreciated

Thanks in advance

Hi, it can be somewhat confusing…
In these cases, the knowledge base is your best friend, see link:
Roon Architecture explained

Just install “Roon Server” in parallel, it runs core duties in the background without user interface - it can even be started automatically with Windows.

Keep “Roon” installed, and start it for when you want to use Roon’s user interface on the same machine, then close it once you’re done.

When you start “Roon Server” for the first time, just unauthorize “Roon” as the core, then authorize “Roon Server” as the core and you’re all set.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I will give that a try
Thanks again

If it’s possible for you, I’ve gotten precisely the effect you’re after by having Roon running on a separate, dedicated PC. It’s an older box (i3-3220 w/ 8 GB RAM - I find equivalent machines at for about $160) that I use for a couple of dedicated services, mostly Roon & Subsonic.

Runs just as you describe. When I’m at my desk on a laptop I run Roon from there, then when I go to the front of the house I can just grab a tablet or phone and control the music.

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