Help on importing albums and also too much -db headroom affecting sound

So how does it sound in eco mode, is it still overloading the speakers

hi there
yes it is better, thanks…i’d tried it this way before, too (going back and forth, experimenting)
…headroom is -10db. (pls see screenshot below)
…ifi micro idsd’s volume is now 10am (in eco mode)…spl metre shows about 75db
…however when dsp settings turned off, the spl metre jumps about 10db to mid 80s.
( i guess that jump makes sense since i’d be removing the -10 db headroom adjustment when DSP is turned off?)

that ifi micro idsd is a powerful little bugger.

I’m interested. Any chance of screenshots of you EQ settings and speaker settings.

Right. I’ve been having a think about this properly and this is where I have got to:

  • At full volume rotation and eco and 0db on the monitors the monitors should be pumping out full volume (ignoring the 6db boost)
  • The iFi in preamp mode should give you between -infintiy and 0db (i.e no volume to full speaker vol) so at 12pm on the vol knob should give you roughly half vol (assuming a sensible type pot)
  • I think that using headroom adjustments rather than the analogue vol knob is probably not ideal, the preamp is designed to do exactly this job (you wouldn’t worry about having vol set at 10pm on an integrated)
  • I suspect the when ifi said that 3pm was ideal, it was probably discussing the best way to get headphone performance (with the various modes)

Just my thoughts. I would probably use the volume knob for what it is designed for and avoid using too much db cut in digital.

I’m not an expert though and may be worth getting the opinion of iFi or others in this forum.

thanks, Matthew…appreciate your time and imput.