Help requested getting HDMI music output in ROCK

Dear all, ROCK is purring nicely on my 6i5 with Intel 600p 128gb ram and a 2tb hdd (so far) half filled with 24bit and dsd files. Output is through a bluesound node and a pulse - incredibly responsive! Thanks to the Roon team for an excellent release!

Just want to check though, how I might go about setting up hdmi output to an AV pre-pro. I see there are outputs that need to be enabled on ROCK - but which one? Wonder if anyone has tried to output multichannel files on it as well - DTS-CD rips perhaps? Looking forward to your responses!

Regarding DTS CD rips, this has come up before. They are not native multichannel files, nor do they require a multichannel output. They are encoded two channel files and can be output to a decoder via any digital audio out – as long as the bit stream remains untouched.


I have a Denon 3808 AVR, and use HDMI to connect to it. I use the first listed connection (HDMI 0):

These are settings that work for my Denon:

Works fine for playback of DSD 5.1 albums.