Help setting up ROCK - NUC

Hi all,

After trying the trial and lurking here for a while I pulled the trigger and bought a ROON annual subscription, NUC815 and a Raspberry PI4.I have been following the instruction for installing and setting up ROCK on the NUC. All went well with the BIOS update but now I am stuck on updating the CODECS with ffmpeg. I down loaded the ffmpeg file to my laptop but I just can’t work out how to ‘transfer’ it to the NUC. I put the NUC ip address into windows explorer and get to a page (screen shot below) that allows me to reinstall the software, format the SATA drive (I have a 1TB sata drive in the NUC) etc. but I don’t see anywhere to copy / transfer the ffmpeg file to. I don’t see the ROCK/NUC in my network places. I tried updating thre ROCK software but no difference. Obviously the NUC and laptop are on the same network. Help suggestions gratefully received.

Hi Ian,

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In Windows Explorer, type \\ROCK\ and it will show the data directory. You’ll see the Codecs folder.

Here is the ROCK OS Data Directory kB article.

Cheers, Greg

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got it - thank you.

Next question. I have a NAS drive and a portable USB drive that both contain copies of my ripped CD’s. How do I transfer the music to the internal drive of the NUC. Just drag and drop? But into which folder on the NUC?

Again, thank you

Yes, you can drag and drop. You should see a Storage folder in the same area as the Codecs folder. I think you’ll see your internal storage in this Storage folder.

Cheers, Greg

I figured - just wanted some reassurance before pulling the trigger!!!

Have a good evening. I think its going to take a while to transfer all the files.


All done - thank you for the advice. Now to install ROON remote on my laptop and Amazon Fire then finally set up Raspberry Pi4.

Another question. In the process of setting up ROCK/NUC I copied via drag and drop all my ripped music from my NAS drive to the internal hard drive on the NUC. Then later when setting up the ROON software on my laptop I added the NAS drive to the Network share in storage in settings. The idea being that any new music I purchased (down loads or ripped cd’s) will be stored on my NAS and, with ROON monitoring the NAS, automatically added to me ROON library. But as soon as I added the Network share ROON started importing all of my music again. So now I have two copies of everything in the storage folder on the NUC. Two questions:

  1. How do I get rid of the duplicates on the NUC?
  2. How do I get ROON to monitor the NAS for new music without it importing everything twice?

I thought of starting again by formatting the internal storage drive on the NUC and the telling ROON to monitor the NAS. Is this the best way?



Well, you could, but then you would only have a single copy of your music files on the NAS. Personally, I would hold my music files on the internal HDD on the NUC, and use the NAS to hold the backup of the music files…

Ok so how do I get rid of all the duplicates i now have on the NUC?

Hey Ian,

People usually add an internal storage in their NUC or Nucleus as the storage for their music. Others will keep the music on their NAS or might copy it to a hard drive attached via USB to the Core.

You seem to have chosen two methods at once. Roon will continue to monitor the music on your NAS. So, you can use that for your music storage if you like. The other option is keep the music on the NUC and add new music there and maybe use the NAS as backup.

Whichever way you decide, you need to go in to Roon Settings > Storage and Disable or Remove one of the storage locations.

Cheers, Greg

thanks Greg - I misunderstood. I thought that by adding my NAS drive ROON would monitor it and automatically update when I added new music to the NAS. (Being belt and braces I like to keep a backup of my music on the NAS - which is set up as a RAID.) I don’t buy too many CD’s or down loads now a days so I guess I’ll just manually copy them to the NUC internal drive.

On a separate topic I have the NUC up and running but haven’t set up the Raspberry yet. So as a temporary measure I plugged the NUC directly to my Cambridge 851N via USB. All seems to be working great and I am happy with the sound. What advantage will I gain by moving the NUC to a remote location and adding the Raspberry bridge?


Happy New Year. I too have the Cambridge 851N which I feed from my Roon, using a Raspberry Pi with a HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT connected to a digital input on the 851N.

The advantages are mainly that it gives you a connection over distance (my ROCK on NUC is two rooms away from my 851N) and another is possibly better SQ as the remote Ethernet connection breaks the common earth inherent in a direct USB connection from the NUC (but I am in no position to say that is a fact).

Hi Edmund,

A Happy New Year to you also. That’s what I figured. I have plans to set up a dedicated listening room (man cave.) over the next few months utilizing home made speakers (well home assembled) and valve amp also kit assembled. I’ll save the Raspberry for that.

I am thinking of changing my 851N; as much as I enjoy it I am frustrated that it isn’t Roon ready. By only using the DAC portion of the unit I feel like I am wasting half (or more) of its capabilities. I’m thinking of selling it and buying a stand alone Roon ready DAC in its place, figuring for about the same investment I should get better performance from a separate DAC. Are you happy with your 851N?



Hi Ian

I am VERY happy with my 851N and would not change it for anything (OK, maybe a CA Edge, but that is too rich for me). One of the advantages of Roon is that you don’t have to have a “Roon Ready” HiFi to play through it, you can use a choice of Roon Endpoints (I choose RoPieee), and the 851N has lots of flexibility, plus my CD Player is connected to it via a digital input. CA could well add Roon via a firmware update in future, IF the feel the Roon market is worth it and sufficient numbers of their customers want it, as the y responded to me when I requested they consider adding Roon support directly.

Have you emailed CA Support requesting they provide Roon support via a firmware update??

No I would not replace my 851N with a Roon ready DAC, but each to their own.

Thank you Edmund, I appreciate the input. I have emailed CA support a couple of times and get the same response each time. 'We might add Roon compatibility at some point in the future - but no promises."

I am also very pleased with my 851N - its just that by using it with a Roon bridge I am effectively bypassing all of its streaming side (plus no pretty pictures on the screen.) That in itself does not bother me too much, but I got thinking that as I am effectively only using the DAC in the 851N could I get better sound quality by swapping it for a standalone DAC of around the same value.

Hi Edmund

I found another thread that - sort of - discusses the same issue:

Hi Ian

I have a daughter with a Spotify account, and when she visits, she uses Spotify Connect on the 861N to hear it sooooooooooooo much better than from her flash phone… I like the versatility and open options of having the streamer.

Makes sense Edmund. I think I am over thinking things!!! I’m going to enjoy what I have for a while before making any upgrade decisions… I do enjoy tinkering though. :grinning: