Help to setup WD mycloud NAS to Roon[Solved]

I’m getting the “Watching AFP-mounted folders is not supported. Please use SMB instead.” I’ve read a few threads on such issue but due to my extra limited knowledge, I cannot understand how to solve the problem. I’m on iMac OSX version 10.11.5 and my music are on WD mycloud NAS.

Hi did you read this Configuring a WD My Cloud for SMB instead of AFP [Solved] topic?

Esp. the posts by Dale_Neidhammer and Lundmark.

Let us know how you get on, and if your still stuck at which step you are having issues with…

Yes I have and sadly I struggle to understand… :sob:

Strangely after dinner I re read the thread again and got it… must be too hungry.

Note that connecting your NAS via SMB on 10.11.5 will have serious performance problems. See this thread that describes how to fix it.

I had this problem with my WDEX2 when I upgraded to 10.11.5