Help with factory reset disk image

I have now placed an order for the ROCK Hardware, and whilst waiting delivery, have been exploring the “ROCK: Getting Started” instructions, which seem to be very clear, and mostly very helpful. I have downloaded the factory reset disk image, from the link in the ROCK instructions, and uncompressed it to file for later copying to USB flash drive.

One thing I noticed is that the compressed file is identified as: roonbox-linuxx64-nuc3-usb-factoryreset.img.gz and when uncompressed I have a folder identified as roonbox-linuxx64-nuc3-usb-factoryreset.img without the .gz extension, as was expected. The uncompressed folder holds a file roonbox-linuxx64-nuc3-usb-factoryreset-100000076. Now what I am a little unclear about is what do I copy to the USB drive? Do I copy the roonbox-linuxx64-nuc3-usb-factoryreset.img folder complete with the roonbox-linuxx64-nuc3-usb-factoryreset-100000076 file, or just the roonbox-linuxx64-nuc3-usb-factoryreset-100000076 file? sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but I am totally new to this and do not want to make any silly mistakes :confused:. Any help, or clarification would be most appreciated.

You don’t copy the Rock image you have to create a bootable USB drive, have a read of this guide to installing Rock.

Many thanks @Ratbert,that was another helpful link - did not know about that one!

Yes I did understand that I needed to create a bootable USB Drive, and have already downloaded Etcher for this purpose :slight_smile:. What I wanted clarification on is what do I select as the “Image” to be “flashed” by Etcher, is it the roonbox-linuxx64-nuc3-usb-factoryreset.img folder, or the roonbox-linuxx64-nuc3-usb-factoryreset-100000076 file? Just some additional information, I am uncompressing the factory reset disk image using 7-zip on a windows 10 system.

The unzipped img file.

Many thanks, that’s the one I’ll use then.

when uncompressing the .img.gz file, you should end up with a .img file, and not a folder. This .img file is the file to use with Etcher.

On uncompressing the .img.gz file (with 7-Zip) I seem to end up with a folder, but with file: roonbox-linuxx64-nuc3-usb-factoryreset-100000076 contained in it! I have used that file and “flashed” it to a USB drive using Etcher, which seemed to have worked. My concern is that the file is not right, can you confirm that it is? This is very much a learning curve for me so I want to get it right, so many thanks for help on this.

That’s not right. 7-zip is trying to open up the .img too – it shouldn’t.

So, I just had an idea, and it looks it’ll work…

If you are using Etcher, you can just tell etcher about the .img.gz file and it’ll do the right thing. I just tested it on Mac, and will be testing it on Windows in a sec.

I’m going to update the docs to reflect this… no need to uncompress the .gz!

Right, many thanks, I have now reformatted the USB drive and re flashed using Etcher. The USB now contains a folder titled identity - seemingly empty - and a file titled roon.tar.bz2.

great… plug it into your nuc and reboot

NUC, and other memory “hardware” should arrive tomorrow, so I am getting things prepared in advance! Thanks once again - will let you know how it goes.