Help with free Qobuz account

I am living in a second world country (Poland) and I cannot register for free 3 moths Qobuz…Even when using VPN from US and going up to payment - after processing “invalid payment method” and that is all. Can someone from US can help me with account? There is no payment for free account. I just can’t bypass US Credit Card…
Here is link for 3 months trial only for US

For registration it can be used temporary e-mail

PM if someone have time and want to help a stranger.

I would suspect that even with the first 3 months being free, you will still have to enter payment details. At which point I presume you will enter details of a Polish card which they will not accept. Not because it’s a “Polish card” but because you’re trying to open an account in the US.

As far as I know, the country the card is issued in will need to match the country in which you are subscribing to Qobuz from.

Hope this makes sense?

However, there are people who managed to sign up successfully using different workarounds. Do a search on here or Google.

Thanks for your time giving me a response. I just want to use it for trial period, I already have Tidal. I tried with one of the operators of virtual credit cards but it needs 50$ of deposit but I don’t plan using it for more than creating account (the condition is to have 1$ on credit but you will not pay any fee during registration). I need someone who will register account on US card, clear all his/her personal data and share me this account. In practice the only cost is about 5 minutes but I already unsuccessfully tried for 2 hours. But I undestand that is hard to ask someone.
The other option is to share spare family spot in qobuz for which I can pay few 1/6 per month. But I am unlucky to find anyone in Poland who use it on VPN on PC. Roon don’t have issues with it.

I feel your frustration but I imagine it will be hard finding someone that does not know you to open an account for you since you could easily change the password to that account once you have the login details, and then extend the trial or do something else that I have not though of. I am not saying that you would do this but it would be a headache for the person who set up the account to get it closed or to stop payment if something like this happened. The slightest chance of this happening is enough to deter most people from doing this kind of thing. I certainly would not do this for someone I did not personally know and trust.

But I think there are ways for you to be able to get an account for yourself. I would be surprised if there was not a forum that already has a thread on this :grinning:.
Good luck!

Thank for reply. It is legal to use Virtual Credit Cards from US (like US Unlocked) so it shouldn’t be an issue. The problem is that I can’t be sure if after loading my wallet with 50$ I will go past payment.
As I know the steps should be:

  • 1 hour email for login to qobuz (
  • activation from email,
  • payment check - 1 dollar, but qobuz auto-return it so it is 0,
  • if works - cancel subscription, so it will end after 3 months;
  • check if all personal data are cleared,
  • send login data :slight_smile:

It is also tip from anyone from US. It is also possible in Germany to get 3 months. But not from me…In the worst case scenario I will stick to the Tidal.

Qobuz is a European company. You should have no problem opening an account locally. Is this simply because you want a US account for some reason?

He lives in Poland and Qobuz are not available there.

OK. I still think there may be better candidates on this side of the Atlantic but none that offer three months trial period I suppose.

Yes, and qobuz is geo-locking credit cards and paypal, so without having more “buisness” in avoiding geo-locking (eg. hackers, russians, dark web) it is pretty unreasonable to register vcc, find someone etc… I know…you can’t sell music on given area without proper agreements, but you may give opportunity to find a way that people will pay you for services. It is the same with German/French Qobuz…and it even sees that I use vpn.

I will wait for other opportunities in the future, and meanwhile maybe someone from US or DE will use 3 months trials which are nice.

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If you have someone you know in Germany or the US, ask them to register you with Qobuz and Paypal. For Paypal, they should use their mobile number to match the country they’re registering in.

Then, you can link your Polish bank card to Paypal and see if that works. I don’t think Qobuz check the card attached to the Paypal account since it’s Paypal making the payment.

Yeah, I will try to find someone in Germany, but I have problem with register an account there because Qobuz detects my NordVPN…even when I changing servers few times…so someone need to do it from the scratch. In US at least I can register…The problem is that even when someone will start my account in DE it will be impossible to pay for it later…

As for Paypal: someone need to register paypal in DE or US to pay for Qobuz in DE/US. I tried it with virtual Revolut, but Paypal is blocking account when not veryfied.

If there is someone who looking for people from their distant relatives to family plan I can join if there is 3-6 people :slight_smile:

EDIT: 21/03/22
Someone from NIGERIA helped me for free.