Help with getting MQA up and running!

I’m not able to get Tidal MQA to my ifi ZEN DAC and get that purple light that I’m looking for with Roon. If I just use Tidal without Roon, it works fine. Pretty sure I’m doing something wrong in the Roon settings. I’m not very tech saavy, so some help would be great. I’m running a MAC with OS Catalina 10.15.1 connected to my ifi ZEN.


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Perhaps you can post a screen shot of your audio settings for the ifi including the advanced area

Welcome to the forum, @marshall_castle!

I suspect you haven’t setup the DAC correctly. A screenshot of your audio device settings would be useful. Specifically, what are MQA Capabilities settings in Device Setup? This should be set to Decoder and Renderer.

This is what I get when I click on the green dot.

That device isn’t the Zen DAC, it’s system output from your Mac. Can you provide a screenshot from Setting > Audio.

The last entry is the iFi DAC; name this and go into settings and make sure decoder and renderer are set for MQA and give this a go. Please post a screenshot of the new signal path.

I don’t understand what you mean by name it. Sorry!

Give the IFI device a Zone name in the box (Unnamed) next to your device.
(sorry to interrupt, just passing by…)

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Ok I’ve named it. Now where do I go?

To the right of the name you just entered tap on the gear wheel then device setup & follow Martin’s advice…

Click on the gears next to the Zone name. Then look for MQA Capabilities in Device Settings. This needs to be set to decoder and renderer.

Once you’ve confirmed/ changed this, save and exit and then change the zone so you are playing to the iFi. See what happens and post a screenshot of the Signal Path.

This still looks like you’re using the Mac’s system output.

Can you confirm that you selected the DAC in Settings > Audio and renamed what I have jighlighted below?

Martin, I’m not near my iMac so can’t check my settings but it looks like, under system preferences, The Mac sound output needs to be set to the ifi (currently set at system output).

Ok I clicked on speaker on lower right of screen and got this and now MQA is playing on my DAC. WTH?

You have group the zones. Please unlink and select the iFi only.

@PixelPopper The Mac should see the iFi directly via USB and bypass the system mixer.

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This is what the signal path looks like now and I am not getting purple on my zen