Help with iPad pro

I have a Nucleus+ that I have been using as a controller to my endpoint, an Oppo 205. I want to use my iPad as an endpoint with a Dragonfly & headphones. Is there a way to do this and not have to use another device to control it?

The iPad is always in my lap, so not having another device to control it would be nice. Sayin all this because I have not bought the Dragonfly yet.

Thanks for any replies


You can use the iPad Pro as a zone, I do on occasions. The app is on the iPad too so just hit play

Put Roon Remote on your iPad.

Your iPad will show up in Settings==>Audio.


You can test this, right now, without having a Dragonfly.

Yes, I don’t know about the iPad Pro, but it works great with my iPhone 6S Plus and/or iPad Mini 4 and a Dragonfly Cobalt. It sounds great also. You will also need the camera adapter to plug into the iPad. Get the one that has a USB port as well as a port to plug in your charger.

yes it did! thank you and thanks for all the replies!!!