Help with new setup

Hello everyone. My current setup at home is Roon Nucleus as Roon Core a Nucleus and PC/Ipad/Iphone as Roon Remote.

I’d like to be able to use Roon also in my office where I stream music out of a PC through a DAC/AMP connected to active monitors. How could I configure Roon with this office setup?

Many thanks.

Is this office in the same place as where the Roon Core is, aka on the same LAN.
Otherwise you need to use VPN to access you LAN and then you mileage may vary.

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Thanks Peter. No it’s a different place. What should I do?

This where it gets tricky.
You have to make the network at your office “see” the network where the core is and vice versa.
If the Core cannot see the devices at the office, you cannot use them as endpoints.
So if you have no networking experience this is going to be tricky.

But when you search “VPN” on the forum you will find that some have succeeded and failed and all in between.

This means you have to have knowledge, equipment and the means to test you specific solution.

Roon does not have a “Remote version” ie you cannot natively stream from your Home Core across the internet. Obviously people are going to suggest ways but it’s currently not easily available

A mobile Roon version is a frequently asked for feature, but it’s future is still uncertain

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Thanks Mike. That’s exactly what I would need here. Also it would be great to access it on one’s Iphone with headphones “on the go”.