HELp with Remote Control Type & Roon Control Zone

Roon Core Machine

MacMini in Den has CORE MUSIC LIbrary - connected to SMSL M400 MQA Dac
Bedroom has- MacMini-w Roon installed-NO MUSIC - Raspberry Pir 4 with RoPieee XL installed Pi connected to iFi ZEN MQA Dac. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phone w Roon installed as a remote control.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Everything on same Wifi Network. Music plays correctly everywhere.

Connected Audio Devices

MacMini CORE Library connects to DAC via USB cable
RasBerry Pi connected to iFi DAC via USB
Problem seem to be with PI

Number of Tracks in Library

5,0000 tracks. no problem with CORE Library.

Description of Issue

Problem on PI screen. ZONE NOT FOUND
“We are Still Waiting for the Controlled Roon ZXone to Appear”
“Is your DAC turned on ?” —YES it is
“Is the Correct ZONE configured in RoPieee ?”

Remote Control TYPE - I do not know what to put there
Roon Control Zone - I do not know what to put there.
**Raspberry Pi has valid IP address and WIfi works properly
It seems to boot up properly

From the RoPieee website:

If you want more support you can either go to the Roon forum or have a look at the excellent RoPieee Beginner’s Guide

So I moved your post to the section linked above so it might attract the right persons easier. In the meantime, have you read and followed the “Beginner’s Guide” already?

I have read the beginners manual . I think my problem centers around the ZONE issues, Now on my Pi
it says" Connection Failure"
Is Roon Running ?
Is the RoPieee Remote Control extension enabled in Roon ? I do not have a remote connected.
Roon is definitely running. I went into my Den and first re-booted Roon on the CORE machine.
I checked all of the settings. I think the problem might be that I am using TWO Dacs. One attached to the CORE- Library and the other is attached to the Touchscreen-Pi running RoPieee.

Thank you very much for any help you can be. Also thanks a lot for moving my message to another part of the site. I have been a Roon/RoPieee user for 48 hours :dizzy_face: and Im an expereicned Audiophile, who is now like a fish. out of water…

Is the RoPieee connected to your network? Does it have a display? If not, where are the messages you reference shown? If yes then the RoPieee is also a remote. From the Beginner’s Guide:


From the Beginner’s Guide:

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