Help with Screen Resolution Error on Amazon Fire Tablet

When using the Amazon Fire tablet I get the following message:
“Your screen resolution is too small to run Roon. please try to run maximized or full screen”
How do I do run in maximized or full screen?

I saw a similar issue, try launching roon with the table in portrait orientation, that worked for me.

I have a Fire Tablet 8 it won’t launch in portrait mode, always in landscape. How do you get portrait mode to run? Thanks

Hi @Eric_Leport,

For the fire tablet to run Roon in portrait mode, the pixel density must be adjusted. Please see the following thread and the linked threads for instructions on how to do so, but do note that this will require USB Debugging and performing ABD commands:

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Figured how to get in developer mode. My Fire Tablet HD 8" will start switching to portrait mode when I enter resolution <550. Thanks.