Help with volume control on airport express and slim devices/squeezbox boom

latest version of server core, etc. have an old airport express that plays streams fine but volume control via roon is totally non-func. locked on max i assume. really be great if this could be made to work with a software update?

similar issue with squeezebox boom. the boom seems to play a stream but it’s silent, and no volume control is possible thru roon.

also: the display control on squeezebox devices (boom, transporter) is not set by roon properly. the brightness seems to stick on a higher level than set. sometimes a power cycle of the unit solves this. but the display never sleeps and the ‘power’ button on the roon control panel doesn’t seem to do anything, so the displays stay on all the time greatly accelerating their inevitable failures…

any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.

system topology basically: roon core on a Mac mini (running pretty old os version for specific compatibility reasons); serves many nodes incl. another mac mini with external dac, a few transporters, airport express, etc.

can anyone from @roon at least confirm that this support is on the list for future inclusion, or if it is not?; and i’ll move on to other solutions… thanks!

lol… cool. (read: lame.)

i’ve never felt such waves of attitude off a message board before. it’s like a suggestion box with barbed wire around it.

fwiw, i am assuming the devices/protocols i’m citing above are too old to support volume control, and i’ve stopped using them anyway. but, it would have been cool to hear something back from someone who knows something about anything. thx.

I can control my Boom’s volume using Roon.

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